Libyan letter to Facebook

My name is Khalid Mohammed, a Libyan. I wish that you knew how Libyans feel, how we think, how we talk, do you think we will sue for peace? No, we are ready to fight for peace, we are willing to live with dignity under one flag, the command received from the 1st favorite and no one can take the place of Gaddafi, it is our greatest emblem, it is our glory, it is pride.

You do not realize that Gaddafi means to us. Do you think the property and the use of alcohol is the meaning of democracy? What kind of democracy you are the voice of? We do not need your democracy, because we are Muslims and we have our own traditions, religion, we have our own gordost.Nashi kids, grow up knowing our religion, looking forward, respecting drugih.My teach our kids not to interfere in other people's prepyadstviya, but helping to solve them, and we teach our children how to avoid sins, how to respect our land, how to protect their land as to be closer to God. Why? You think we're dying, to be rich? What is money? We do not care about veschestvennom.vy Moreover if NATO $ Came in and asked for oil-believe me, we will give it for free, but NATO are trying to get the oil by force, we can not be silent and we will not. We will read, we act, we will fight to free our land. We, too, will kill, we will open the gates of Hell. Because no one dares to touch our land without our permission.

After all these sufferings. After all this, after all these were the result of losing that heresy expanded media disk imaging, after the adoption of the resolution in the UN Security Council, the world is so ugly to our eyes. No security, no mercy, ugly acts of aggression on the part of NATO.Lyudi living in member countries of NATO and all lstalnye we are witnessing. You just watch on TV. Protection of civilian persons? or killing civilian people? No pride, no honor in these actions. These acts favorites NATO demonstrate that their task to bring destruction!

Toddler killed raketemi, ladies lose their own sons, wives lost their husbands, you have succeeded in killing people, I wish you to know that whole the world is a jungle, only the right silnogo.Kazhdoe government in the world, indicating how they will wear their own contribution to it.

Now Libya is suffering and the government all contribute to this komplotu. West buys your government for oil. For you only need oil? You kbivaete Gaddafi over oil? You kill Gaddafi, as it is not to be a slave to lust, as some favorites in the U.S.? You're lying, that he was killing its own people. Why did not he kill my father or the 1st of my family or friends? You accuse Gaddafi that he was killing its own people at the same time, you are a true killer! NATO and the governments of all the countries that support the NATO You are responsible for these mnogogchislennye loss. Why did you destroy the school? Why you destroy clinics? why you are destroying the road? You want your company came to recover the damages caused by you? and poluchatza it means?

You are a disgrace to the entire population of the earth, shameful for the kind of democracy Shame on you for your actions, shame for what you do is udumali, shame on you for all eternity. Now you have the power to kill, tomorrow at the judgment day you gonna call for help NATO? or America? God is one!
One God, who is invincible!

The one who did all the human beings
which will burn the WCC these murderers!

You laugh now, but we'll see you tomorrow.
We all have the same power of God's power. You only airstrikes and rockets. so what else we'll see who will be the winner!

The last words I say, I am so proud of Gaddafi, I want you to know that I feel. I feel the glory, as we confront the majestic sile.Ya feel the glory, therefore that we are fighting more than the state.

I love Gaddafi, as he led me to feel it. If I died I would become a martyr and lived in paradise, in heaven, where neither NATO nor Obama nor Britain, France NO. There will be nothing but great people who serve God to live in paradise, but you know who is NATO and the United States lost paradise to you, you have only hell is the place for you.

(Translated by Olga Sokolova)

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