Likely heat waves has increased by 50 times

Likely heat waves has increased 50-fold Weather and Climate

According to climate scientists over the past 30 years, the frequency of heat waves around the world has increased by at least 50 times. The only reason for these changes is warming, is not supported by the results of climate models and forecasts and observations for weather and climate in real time.

In the period from 1981 to 2010, heat waves occurred on 10% of the globe. This is 50-100 times higher than in 1951-1980., When intense heat was only seen in 0.1-2%. Increased frequency and intensity of not only the temperature maxima. Increasingly began to see reports on over a longer period of high heat (75% vs. 33%).
If you imagine the Earth's climate in the form of dice, the formerly belonged temperature two notches below normal, normal temperature, two, two — a temperature above normal, off-season weather that kept the balance. Now the high-temperature, responsible for the heat wave, owned as many as four divisions, one of which can be safely recorded on account of extreme heat.
Now it's clear where it came from such a hot and dry summer this year in North America, parts of Europe, as well as the abnormal drought in Texas and Oklahoma in 2011, a heat wave in Russia in 2010 and the previous heat wave in Europe, relating by 2003 mugodu.

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