Living Stones of Death Valley




Countries are things going with rocks in Death Valley …
Different beliefs associated with the stones in common — a stone not to be touched, budge. A large megalith (raw block of stone from the ancient shrines) is in the vicinity of Oxford. One local lord decided to use it as a support of the bridge, which were constructed on his estate. Contrary to expectations, a large team of horses could not move him. The number of horses had to increase several times until it is able to do. However it was necessary to put a stone on the new site as the estate began phenomena such haste that the Lord had ordered the return of the stone in place. When they began to collect and harness horse harnessed first, she did not wait for the team, she has moved from a place, easily dragging along the stone where it was taken.

But if some of the stones can not bear to their move, on the other, on the contrary, it is known that they are moving on their own, amazing locals and frustrate investigators. The most compelling of these messages — the movement of large boulders in Death Valley National Wildlife Refuge in California. Such a move leaves a clear mark on the flat sandy surface, bottom of the dried lake. Stone was moving over the surface without rotation.

Judging by the tracks, then move in different directions as small stones and huge boulders weighing up to half a ton.
None of the suggestions of scholars (exposure to rain, wind, tectonic forces, etc.) does not seem convincing, even by their authors. This stone (or someone who lives in it) live their lives.
Trace its movement is clearly visible, writes

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