Magic black, white and … criminal




Find malicious and cunning thief, as we know, is not easy. Modern thieves do not disdain the latest technology, allowing perfectly cover your tracks. To uncover a major crime, police of India had to resort to the help of supernatural forces that contributed to the investigation by a professional magician. This event, on the one hand, has caused outrage among the public, but on the other, help to find the thief.

Recently, the city of Udaipur thieves robbed the local branch of the United Bank of India. Of cash was stolen about $ 5 million that India is a fabulous sum. Of course, on the fact of the robbery was a criminal case, however, was a professional thief — he did not leave any evidence, neither direct nor indirect. Law enforcement officials were trying to find at least some clue, but it is unfortunately not possible. Management of the bank required a finding of guilty, and the police just shrugged. And then they came up with the idea to bring the investigation to a famous magician in the whole district Haricharana Achardzhi.

Sorcerer in India — it's not a weirdo, which go to the same eccentric customers, and highly respected person. Every self-respecting village certainly has at least one traditional healer, and a lack of clientele from Indian psychics do not. People are more willing to believe the predictions of the witches, rather than hard facts — such is the mentality in this country.

It is therefore the decision to resort to the help of a sorcerer did not cause much surprise. Haricharan Achardzhi carefully inspected the scene of the crime and said that he would need to do some rituals. He took his holy staff and by connecting to the highest celestial chain of command tried to determine where the money was, and what happened to them. After the session, he told the police that the money is on one of the accounts of the same bank and they are completely safe.

Police received information angered to the core: they refused to believe that any of the bank's employees graciously "skrysyatnichat." Police Inspector Amitava Kar said that the cooperation with the witch casts a shadow on the police.



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