Makarov pistol — Options for modifications and upgrades

Makarov pistol upgraded
As though any other instrument, the PM is also subjected to various modifications and upgrades. At the end of the last century designers have made the modernization of the PM, who went to the series and is used in service. The basic idea of modernization — to make better properties of TM due to enhanced high-momentum munition "57N181SM" 9×18 mm caliber. Designers and R.Shigapov B.Pletsky designed for the new upgraded gun ammunition, which was announced in '94. Streamlined gun used in the units of the Ministry of the Interior.

Structural features
At first glance, PMM is different from the PM increased more comfortable plastic handle. At the end of the handle has a notch that allows for a more tightly to detain the gun. The gun shop is provided by 8-row of the ammunition or 2-row of the 12 ammunition. In modern guns widely used by a magazine capacity of more than 10 ka ammunition. This was one of the problems of modernization gun. 2-row store tapers towards the upper part, remained neck-row execution. This allowed to throw the bolt and the socket at shop not modified. New helical grooves in the chamber, designed to be used for a new high-momentum PM reinforced ammunition, despite the dissipation of the increased pressure of powder gases in the channel. Stepping forward a little, cover the store, stepping up support for the palms, which allows a little increment rate of recharge. The pressure in the wellbore using a new weapon grown by about 15 percent. The introduction of a power weapon 9×18 mm caliber is almost equal to the parabellumnym 9×19-mm ammunition, and this without the tremendous growth and the impact of pressure gun. But the use of ammunition "57N181SM" in the ordinary Makarov pistol fail — structurally it is not designed for any increase in the pressure of powder gases. After all, even when fired from a pistol upgraded acoustic cotton grown due to the increased pressure by 20 percent the muzzle of the gun.

Other modifications based on PM
Izhevsk Mechanical Plant has released version of the pistol under the title of the PM-70 or IL Baikal. Option is available as an export model. The main difference between IL-70 from the standard Makarov pistol — adjustable sight, made the type of sporting sight. But athletic career at the IZH-70 is questionable.
Another option — IL-70-17A. Also appeared on the arms market in '94. The main difference — the introduction of .380 ACP ammunition.
Follow-up option — IL-70 HTS. The main difference — used store at 10 ammunition and a little increased in size cheeks handle.
From the outside, "IL-70", going to the outdoor market is quite diverse. Popular abroad Russian "Makarov" in the main due to a small price compared with competitors in the market.
The Russian version of the pistol on the basis of the PM as a serviceable tool — IL-71. The gun was created for security units and units of personal security sector. IL-71 was released as a crotch gun battle between the tool and instrument for the pocket carry. Developed under the gun ammo "Kurtz" 9h17-mm caliber. The cartridge is made with a short sleeve and the reduced diameter of the bullet, according to requirements. By law, the muzzle energy should not exceed 300 J. Holder is a typical option ammunition .ACP 380 with a lead bullet core. Specifically, this cartridge is made probable introduction of martial PM as a service pistol IL-71. Weight IZH-71 — 730 grams, has a larger grip and increased store by 10 ammunition, equipped with the same gun.
Another development Izhevsk factory — IL-70-400. In '93 the designer presented P.Ivshin option Makarov pistol under parabellumny 9×19-mm ammunition. The main difference between a gun — slow unlocking of the barrel, using a helical annular grooves in the chamber. Gate-guard gun IZH-70-400 from the standard weight by the PM on the 30 oz.

The main properties of the MMP:
— ammunition caliber 9mm;
— bullet weight 5.4 grams;
— disruptive effect of ammunition from 20 meters — 3 mm sheet steel;
— speed of 420 m / s;
— length of 16.5 cm;
— barrel length 9.3 cm;
— width of 3.4 cm;
— height 12.7 cm;
— number of grooves — 4 right-handed;
— Targeting Range 50 meters.

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