Massive landslides near Tronhayma in Norway

Massive landslides near Tronhayma Natural disasters in Norway

Strong south Tronhayma landslides in central Norway forced about 50 residents of the surrounding countryside to evacuate to the third largest city of Norway. Km long stream of mud walked from village to village. It is assumed that the unusually warm weather in December 2011 has caused landslides. In the media, as well as the reasons discussed in the storm that went through all of Scandinavia in the previous month, and who left behind a huge amount of rain water in Tronahaym.

It is estimated missing there, farms and private property were destroyed. It is believed that landslides are not a danger to the nearby city of Tronhaym a population of nearly 200,000. Landslides are a natural process in which the flow of water mixed with various substances, including soil, and flow from the slopes. Landslides in Norway occurred in a section of the watercourse. It is unknown when residents can return to their homes, but the scene is investigated by geologists.

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