Medics destroyed Yekaterinburg shroud




Mortal body left on a stretcher a clear silhouette

Photo: Photo of TV "Channel 41".

On Friday, the 13th, in the city of Yekaterinburg hospital drug something incredible happened. On the stretcher was removed a man's body and saw them leave-white silhouette. You could even make out the grisly details — the contours of the chest and facial features deceased. Mysterious "fingerprint" immediately dubbed the "Yekaterinburg Shroud" by analogy, I'm sorry, Lord, with the famous Turin Shroud — a piece of cloth, which, like on film, print a negative image of the body of Jesus Christ.

The day before he died in the emergency room department patients — 51-year-old chronic alcoholic, delivered to the hospital after a binge. But the treatment did not help: the night of the patient's heart stopped.

The man's body on a stretcher aluminum, painted dark blue paint, was taken to the morgue. And then saw a strange mark, as if painted with white paint. Tried to scrub with bleach — did not work.

— Hospital for 75 years, but with a similar our staff have never met! — Told "KP" in the hospital. — To explain this fact, we can not!

According to the press-secretary of the city health department Inna Abelinskene, doctors shocked by the incident.

Unfortunately, even being in shock, nurses have not stopped trying to scrub the mysterious imprint. And they did it with ammonia. As a result, the artifact was destroyed. And enthusiasts have been unable to investigate it.

It is possible that no mystery in the appearance of white print no. Just acrid sweat deceased reacted with the paint aluminum stretcher and as a mordant to it. And if there were other processes? Similar to those that have left an imprint on the Shroud of Turin? And some even suggest that such images may occur during the separation of the soul from the body.

Sergei ANDRIYANOV. ("KP" — Ekaterinburg ")


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