Mexico in a panic: the witch attack people




All of Mexico agitated appearance of a flying witch. About her write all the papers. In general, the year began in the country with a series of paranormal phenomena. From different corners of the messages started coming about unidentified flying objects and ghosts. But here is something with which faced the Mexican police, looks out of the ordinary. January 16 policeman Leonardo Samaniego from the Mexican town of Guadalupe performed regular patrol detour, when on the night street drew attention to the black flying object. That sort of fell off the tree and hovered in the air above the pavement. Then he turned to the approaching police car. Leonardo has cut more light to see that there is.
As later described by police in front of him was a woman, dressed in a black robe with a hood. It hovered for a moment above the ground, and then landed smoothly and stared at the man in the car. Blinded by the light, it covered his face. And then the nightmare began. Being struck by a car and literally attacked her, trying to get to the man. Leonardo tried to develop the car and frantically yelled over the radio, asking him to send help. The witch fell from above and struck the windshield severe blow from which it was cracked. It was worn with great speed and then hit the glass. Leonardo says that the witch wanted to get to it through thick and thin, and he could see her perfectly huge black lidless eyes and dark brown skin. All this struck terror. She struggled against the glass with his tusks and claws. Leonardo says that the shock was so unbearable that he closed his eyes, because he could no longer see stuck to the windshield of a nightmare, and for a few moments passed out. A few minutes later arrived at the scene raised the alarm and help 'ambulance'. They found the unconscious officer. They say he lives saved by the fact that he did not panic and did not come out of the car. Cameraman captures his first testimony, when he came to himself. Leonardo kept saying that he was attacked by a witch. But the trail to forgive her, and police checked for the presence of alcohol in his blood and drugs. However, the test results were normal, and psychiatric examination showed that mentally he is completely healthy.
As soon as the incident reported on television, showered hundreds of petitions from citizens who told of similar meetings. Norma Herrera told how clear day, walking with her brother, she noticed a woman in a black flying. Brother fell ill in the evening and the entire week could not recover. Moreover, even sent to television footage of flying creatures, which made one of the town residents. The matter was so serious that in an area where they observed the flying vermin, have introduced additional patrols to protect the frightened villagers, who feared going out into the streets. Ufologists say that UFOs sometimes have a humanoid form, they fly or worn just above the ground at high speed, and that their behavior is not subject to the mind.

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