«MIG» and «DRY» take joint development of drones

Russian aircraft manufacturers «MiG» and «dry» signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (sketch — UAV «Zond-1»). On Thursday 25 October, ITAR-TASS reported with reference to the CEO «MiG» Sergey Korotkov.
According Korotkov, «MiG» accept the role in the project, for which the tender has previously won holding «Dry». According to the agency, in July 2012, the Defense Ministry has chosen the company «Sukhoi» as the lead developer of the project languid percussion drone. Possible technical properties coming apparatus were not disclosed.
Earlier work together to impact the company began to drone «Falcon» and «Transas». But it was the middle class UAVs weighing up to 5 tons. Coupled with the fact a number of military sources, which refers to ITAR-TASS, cooperative project called «Eagle» and «Transas» intelligence faster than shock UAV. In addition, the «Falcon» and «Transas» work together on UAVs weighing up to one ton. The total amount of funding both projects is estimated at three billion rubles.
ITAR-TASS referring to the representative of RAC «MiG», the company Oct. 25 also announced significant growth in the use of composite materials in aircraft design of the MiG-29. Instead of 2-3 per cent of the volume of composite materials in the construction of fighters already is 10-12 percent. Namely, the use of composite materials has made half the outer surface area of ​​the aircraft. This in turn allows lower weight aircraft structure to improve corrosion resistance and hardness.

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