Ministry of Health ordered the bread to feed the Russians poisonous?




In 70% of Russian enriched with iron, "healing" hlebushek can cause cancer and cirrhosis of the liver

In order to meet the shortfall of iron in organisms Russians since the beginning of this year, the Russian Ministry of Health ordered the bakers add a "useful metal" into flour. However, as found "Novye Izvestia", according to the majority of the country's leading hematologists, such additives will lead to serious illness in 70% of the population. As often happens, the creators of the new document does not consider it necessary to consult with experts.

Ministry of Health Decree number 148 "On additional measures for the prevention of diseases caused by iron deficiency in dietary patterns of the population" came into effect from the New Year. It suggests that almost all the bread baked in Russia, should artificially enriched with iron. Objectives — the most good: in this way the Ministry of Health decided to fight against anemia, which affects about 30% of Russians. This disease is associated with a deficiency of iron in the body, plunges man into a state of constant discomfort, chronic fatigue and depression, causes headaches, general weakness.

However, do not have time to dry on the print resolution number 148, add iron binding in all flour products, as Russian hematologists sounded the alarm. They argue that the total "zhelezizatsiya" baked goods can lead to diametrically opposite effect: it causes an overabundance of iron in the body, which in turn is fraught with complications — a far more serious than the anemia, which decided to fight Minzdav.

Long-term studies Russian Hematology showed that standards for levels of iron in the body established by the Ministry of Health, much too high. If kilogram of flour will add, as planned, 35 milligrams of iron, that by eating two slices of bread, a person already receives daily rate. And we eat more and cottage cheese, fish, meat, buckwheat porridge, which contain Fe. The excess iron deposited in the liver, pancreas, heart muscle tissue, prickly crystals rupture the cells, accelerate the oxidation reaction, and a direct path to the oncologist ..

Opponents argue hematologists: Resolution number 148 was prepared taking into account the world experience. In fact, in 80 years in Sweden, fighting rampant anemia, have decided to add iron to bread. They took control group of 40 volunteers. After a month the metal accumulation in the body most of the subjects has led to violations of vital functions. As a result, careful Swedes began to write on the "miracle hlebushek" recipes.

As Russia is fit to write prescriptions for bread, not fortified with iron. After another six months to find it in the free market would be virtually impossible.

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