Mobile manufacturers will investigate poltergeist




Representatives of the companies that manufacture mobile phones, as well as employees of companies that manufacture household appliances, to urgently travel to a small town in Sicily — where in all seriousness, the real hell is going on. Not otherwise it can not be called a poltergeist, and news about the manifestation of "noisy spirit" has even got to the channel Euronews. Locals are no laughing matter — the fact that the spirit was a real "pyromaniac". Every now and then in the buildings of a small Sicilian village erupts flames — and burning everything — from chairs and to household appliances.

Local residents in despair — on TV show people, curses firefighters. It is assumed that a delegation from producers conduct a thorough investigation. In the meantime, local officials hope that strange fire is still there a logical explanation — one possible reason is due to the influence of cell phone batteries — which are some fantastic way cause a fire.

Alexander Stelmach


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