MoD armed «combat car of the future»

MoD armed

The Russian Defense Ministry has decided to create a «combat vehicle of the future.» On this, as reported by «Interfax», said the head of the head of the military department Armored Directorate Maj. Gen. Alexander Shevchenko. According to him, the decision was made «reverse week»; new multi-purpose machine will enter the army in 2015.

By car coming of the Defence Ministry imposes three main requirements. In 1-x, their average speed should be more than 45-50 km per hour. In-2, they must be larger capacity compared with modern multipurpose machines. Eventually, the car coming to be more secure.

According to Shevchenko, the new car when coming off the assembly flow «in its own design and engineering solutions must already carry ballistic and mine protection.» «We have accumulated design and technical solutions. We are able to base these decisions make a car that will not give the art of NATO, «- said the representative of the Ministry of Defence. Other details about the new machines, not specified. Namely, it is not clear who will be developed armored vehicles.

In May 2010, Shevchenko said that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation within the concept of the development of military technology to cars in 2020 wants to adopt new standards machines. Namely, it was about the end of the development of a promising family of armored vehicles, small, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. With all this, Major-General noted that the new machine will be created on the basis of civilian development.

Currently, the ZIL is developing an armored car, known under the name «The Punisher». Presumably, the machine will carry 10 or more fighters in full gear. In addition, being the development of a special assault armored vehicle «Ansyr.»

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