NASA accused of hiding evidence of presence of life on Mars




The U.S. space agency NASA has been accused of it "sub-rule" photos from Mars to the Martian surface is more consistent with the image of the red planet, formed in society. Reports today the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.

NASA experts were treated and released the first color image of the Martian surface, made by Mars Rover Opportunity on January 26. Earlier, the rover transmitted a black-and-white images of the Martian landscape. Opportunity sent back to Earth very detailed image resolution of 8 thousand for the three stamens. pixels — a 180-degree panorama of the planet, removed the front camera. The picture quality is so that by increasing the image, you can see the individual particles of the soil.

It is possible, says Daily Telegraph, that NASA "had revised" with the help of digital technology drab Martian landscape, making it more red. Also, the assumption is that NASA experts even deliberately cut out pictures from areas with the presence of green color to hide the evidence of the presence of life on Mars. These theories have been actively discussed after representatives of NASA noted in an interview with New Scientist, that "the correct selection of colors — it's amazingly complex and subjective job."

Most of the photos was done through the Martian green, blue and infrared filters instead of green, blue and standard red filters that allow you to take pictures with more accurate colors. According to NASA expert Jim Bell, infrared filters to be used only in order to help geologists to distinguish rock cliffs. For terrestrial observer, however, Mars appears red primarily because of the high concentration of dust in its atmosphere, according


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