Near East to the map as a path to world domination

The situation surrounding Iran's increasingly heating up. War Financial at any moment can turn into regional and then a global military actions.

Set the time to ask the question: why specifically to Iran brought such a claim? Neuzh then Iran — it is the only country using peaceful atom? Why are nuclear powers that have not signed the contract on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons, is not subject to any sanctions — neither Israel nor India nor Pakistan nor even North Korea?

Redraw the map of the Middle East as a way to world domination

Why Iran is a particularly angry U.S.? Yes, he threatened Israel, but not to a greater extent than many Arab partners in Washington. Orders in Iran is much more liberal than, for example, in Saudi Arabia. Why exactly did Iran perceived as alien to the United States?

In fact the financial war Iran is not caused by a nuclear program that has become all but the official reason for the attacks. Western globalists view Iran as the key to the Middle East with its huge strategic importance for geopolitics: geographical location, waterways, as religious, national and linguistic cleavages, which can be very profitable to use. Not least, seem to play, and natural resources such as oil, gas and lithium. But the main thing here is that section Near East — is a simultaneous attack on the Russian Federation, China and the Arab states.

Yet in the middle of the last century, in the middle of the British and American scientists have spread the idea of the critical importance of Near East to the merits of world domination.

In 1979, Bernard Lewis, an expert on political science, English spy, used the mythology of "Clash of Civilizations", putting it in the base of the idea of "Arab terrorism" when the idea of "Cold War" has already departed in the past. He was first portrayed on the map, "Doug crisis" in the Middle East.

Nearly 30 years later (in 2006), making use of Bernard Lewis Ralph Pitters. Plan for Section Near East, only slightly modified, was presented to Lieutenant Colonel on the map as a NATO project "New Near East."

Currently globalisty act along the lines indicated on the map. For example, the Assad regime is building along the lines of the Alawite principality in northwestern Syria, marked on the map above.

Military analysts predict the outbreak of war with Iran in 2012 year. This is due to the internal logic of the plans of the globalists, and with the present situation the United States.

An election in 2012. There is growing frustration of internal and external policies of Barack Obama. Economic transformation, no matter how effective they are, do not posodeystvuyut solve the problem in such a rather short time, because the beginning of the war many is the only way to return the trust of voters, or at least redirect the anger of society inside the country. In addition, an attack on Iran would return to Obama likes countless Israeli lobby, razobizhennogo his overtures to the Muslim world.

Some analysts, predicting the imminent outbreak of war, it is dated in the summer of 2012. Others say that, at least until the end of September, precision instrument will be ineffective because of the heat, and transfer the date to the first half of October.

The initial attack on Iran, for obvious reasons, is quite strong and long to hit a maximum of objectives in the political, military and energy structure of the country.

But, no matter how awful was the destruction remains vibrations that Iran would retaliate, as Iran — It is still Iran, and not Yugoslavia. Most likely, with all this Iran uses all its available supplies of ballistic missiles. The first target is, of course, will be Israel. In addition, the objectives of the Iranian retaliation might be aggressive to him the Arab countries.

According to the internal logic of events, Israel will also have to survive the invasion of "Hezbollah" in Lebanon, headed by Iranian Brigadier General. Israel's position is much worse than in February 1991, when Iraq used against him "Scud" because Iran would be possible for him are untouchable, and Israel will be linked to a particular danger on the borders with the 2-sides: from the north, "Hezbollah "Hamas and south. It may also be that the U.S. will be required to put pressure on Israel not to take revenge for the bombing of Iran, as it was in 1991 during a military incident with Saddam Hussein.

Fair to say that some spices in the field of military capability forecasts anticipate a situation where Israel will fully preemptive strike and it may be that this attack will be nuclear.

But since the summer of 2006, in other words, since the defeat of the IDF in the Lebanon war, the South American strategists have made every effort to integrate the military forces of Israel's own regional unit of defense under the guise of military aid. A more striking example of such action was setup in 2008-X radar diapozna, allegedly to extend the capabilities of early warning of ballistic missiles fired from Iran. Actually it was the transfer of all the country's air space totalitarian system of tracking the Pentagon, which, of course, limit the choice of implementation for the Israeli military action against Iran. Deployment of U.S. troops in Israel is likely to further reduce the possibility of independent action of Tel Aviv in possible war with Iran.

After a military campaign against Iran, which might lead to a rather lengthy stalemate is likely to be expected of the Iraqi scenario: the embargo and sanctions in force for years. Anglo-American interests directed against Russia and China, dictate a long intervention in the Middle East region, with a view to the section on ethnic fault lines in full accordance with the plan of Bernard Lewis. All this will lead to continued indefinitely the global economic crisis.

But it is impossible to accurately predict the future, because we impose that common sense still overcome, and written above forecasts remain just only fun version of the likely course of events.

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