Near the Fukushima nuclear complex fixed release of highly water

Near the Fukushima nuclear complex fixed release of highly water Danger Zone

The NPP "Fukushima" found extensive water leakage with high levels of radiation. About 45 tons of water to get out because of a crack in the wall of the body cleansing. It is not excluded from entering the ocean (about 300 liters) a gutter. To prevent further leakage of used sandbags. The work of cleaning staff has been suspended.

In dirty water containing radioactive cesium and iodine, but, according to the official representative of the company, their level slightly higher than the usual content of these elements in the water around the plant. The water could also be about 130,000 Bq / cm ³ of strontium with the half-life of 29 years. This beta-active isotope can cause bone cancer.

Flowed on the surface of water accumulated near the plant, the radiation level of gamma-radiation was equal to 1.8 mSv / h, the beta radiation 110 mSv / h To determine the level of radiation strontium need about 2-3 weeks.

After the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima" in March 2011, a large area has been contaminated by radioactive substances. The incident is not directly affected someone's life, but tens of thousands of people were forced from their homes than a dozen years.

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