Nevyklyuchennye appliances — the extra costs

Nevyklyuchennye appliances — the extra costs Facts

The UK government estimates that abandoned appliances nevyklyuchennymi added 1.3 billion pounds to the British energy costs. To conduct the study were selected 250 houses. As it turned out, 9 — 16% of the electricity bill in a house are typically appliances left in the so-called "sleep" mode.

This was the first study, in real time showing you how to use electricity UK residents. It turned out that the washing machine in a house consumes power at 80 pounds, and a dishwasher at 160 pounds a year.
The cost of using a computer is only 35 pounds a year, and laptops are cheaper than desktop computers. But the use of TV, DVD and radio in total cost of 68 pounds.
It was also found that UK residents watch television on average 5 (as previously thought), and 6 hours den.Eto adds to an annual rate for 10 billion hours, or plus 205 million pounds to the utility bills. Experts from the Energy Saving Trust found that the same amount of energy is spent on cooking, washing and other domestic uses as single people and families.
The government plans to use this information in order to promote energy savings. If you publish the available figures, it can have a sobering effect on the British economy and contribute to electricity.
The study shows that there is still a lot of work in this area. But, first of all, we need to understand how we use electricity to start doing it more wisely.

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