New cup holder will keep 100,000 trees

New cup holder will keep 100,000 trees to save the planet

Looking to reduce the environmental impact Starbucks Coffee Company has recently announced the launch of new biodegradable cup holder, which is used in the production of less than unprocessed raw materials. In addition, the new product will link easier to transport. According to a press release, the cup holder EarthSleeve on 85% recycled materials, which is 25% more than the previous version.

In 2011 Starbucks customers in the U.S. has used and dumped nearly 3 billion cup holder. Of course, the problem can be addressed through the ceramic coffee cups at home or their own reusable cups, but this solution is controversial. Because the company refused to promote the use of reusable cups, it is commendable that she, at least, is trying to reduce the amount of waste.
As the developers of the cup holder EarthSleeve, their implementation will improve the loading density in transport by 15%, thus reducing the adverse environmental impacts of transportation used on the route.
Western Michigan University recently confirmed the possibility of recycling the cup holder EarthSleeve in compost pits, making them fully biodegradable as compared to the previous product. Of course, any cardboard can be disposed of in the compost pile, but sometimes the adhesive components do not allow a process of processing has been completed. Starbucks said that the introduction of the use of new cup holder can save about 100,000 trees, though it is not clear for how long.
While manufacturers hide their ingenious product from the eyes of competitors, and the pictures of the new cup holder is not present in the press or on the Internet.

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