NEW drones entered service with the Air Force IRAN

NEW drones entered service with the Air Force IRAN
New drones / UAV / «Haase» / «Resolve» / received by the Air Force of Iran. It is reported by the local media today.

According to Brigadier General Corps «Revolutionary Guards» Farzad Ismaili it — functional machines, capable of operating at great distances and perform air strikes.

New UAV will be released in 3 versions which differ range acts. Notes that they can carry missiles of different classes and strike ground targets. It is also planned introduction of these devices as «bait» means for air defense and air reconnaissance.

At the end of last month in Iran was demonstrated «drone» «Shahid-129», which is also designed to conduct combat operations and intelligence. The aircraft may be in the air for 24 hours and hit targets at ranges from 1700 to 2000 km. Also drone may have special equipment for aerial photography and image transfer in real time.

By beliefs-independent professionals, the occurrence of similar «drones» due to the fact that last year the Islamic Republic of air defenses shot down a South American drone type Ar-cue-170 «Sentinel». Then the United States claimed to return the machine, but it never received, and in Iran, in turn, on public display was exhibited its layout. Specialists believe that the Iranian designers used stuffing «Sentinel» for the creation of its own military equipment.

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