New Moon could destroy state of Tuvalu: it will go under water




Located on nine atolls in the South Pacific, a tiny nation of Tuvalu may be flooded at the end of this week, said on Tuesday the Indonesian electronic media.

Expected by the end of week high tidal waves connected with the new moon, are able for a while to raise the sea level in the area of more than three meters.

According to the head of Tuvalu Meteorological Service Gila Vava'u, it will lead to flooding of low-lying coastal areas. However, the "high-lying" areas in the atolls (coral islands) is not at all — their maximum natural height of only 4.5 meters above sea level.

Similar cases have recently increased, due to sea level rise due to global warming, according to Vava'u.

If this trend is not stopped, a tiny country with a population of 11 thousand 500 people will be the first after the mythical Atlantis "washed out" from the face of the earth, according to RIA "Novosti".

The Government of Tuvalu has already taken action on resettlement of people in the neighboring state
(Niue — coral island of 250 square meters. Km in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Population — 3578 people. Capital — Alofi).

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