Nilov deputy found a bug in the image on the 500-ruble banknote


State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Yaroslav Nilov discovered a historical mistake in the image on the 500-ruble banknote of 1997, where there are no crosses on the domes and called Elvira Nabiullina — a candidate for the post of head of the Bank of Russia — to pay attention to the images of banknotes.

© Bank of Russia 500 ruble banknote of 1997



"I want to draw your attention to the political and historical gaps that occurred during the production of money by the Central Bank. If we look 500 ruble bill of 1997, there on the photos depicted Solovki and no crosses on the domes. This is a picture, a historical story which reminds us The Gulag and the terrible Bolshevik terror. I think it's great political and historical mistake, and ask you to pay attention to such seemingly small things, but the symbolism, "- said Nilov in the parliament.


In turn, Elvira said that, too, believes it is important to pay attention to the image on the banknotes.


"Money — it's not just means of payment, but they reflect the symbolism of the state … As far as I know, the new bill is a sample of 2011 is correct, but it is really important element," — she said.

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