Oil spill near the southern coast of Italy

Oil spill near the southern coast of Italy Facts

According to local media reports, August 16, 2012 about 2 tons of oil fell into the sea from a ship near the southern Italian city of Taranto. In the sea of oil formed the band in a few tens of meters. Ship with a Turkish flag was moored in the port of Taranto to load waste. For its part, the Coast Guard identified the strip oil booms, and then launched an operation to clean oil spill.

Wastes that were placed on the ship were given the largest steel plant in Italy. The last few weeks in the media discussion highlights the need to close the plant because of serious harm to the environment. The prosecutor's office ordered the partially suspend production to replace equipment on more environmentally friendly. However, these measures led to a heated debate among the public, as the plant with one hand, provides jobs for 12 thousand people, and, on the other hand, increases the risk of cancer in the local population.

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