Olympics -2012 without plastic bags

Olympics -2012 without plastic bags Facts

Ecological Movement activists in London, visitors are urged to the Olympics, as well as suppliers and sponsokrov, do not use plastic bags, which they offer in stores. Thus they try at least to some extent prevent the plastic invasion of the capital the 2012 Olympics, as the organizers refused to completely ban plastic bags for use during the Games.

The movement against the use of plastic on the Olympic Games in London began in November 2010 and is intended to draw attention to the excessive consumption in everyday life, it is difficult to decompose, but fine material processed. Movement supported by some British celebrities.
Indeed, Olympic officials tried to consider all dimensions of sustainable development, when laid and built sports halls and stadiums, however, the issue of plastic containers that are not worthy of their attention. Hundreds of thousands of discarded plastic bags imported from Britain, will be a shame for the host country of the Olympic Games. Abandoning them, all humanity will work for a huge gold medal.
In 2011, the use of plastic bags has increased by 5.4% compared with 2010 and amounted to 8 billion from 7.6 billion

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