On the Chinese side, «Cupid»

On the Chinese side,

Our homeland erupted market naikrupneyshgo importing arms from the water
New Russian non-nuclear submarine 4th Generation Project 1650 «Cupid» (Export version of the 677E project «Lada») became interested in China. As it became clear «b» of «Rosoboronexport» signed a framework agreement with the Chinese side on the joint design and construction of four submarines for the Navy of China. It is expected that the contract alleged hard price of $ 2 billion will be signed no earlier than 2015. This means that China may overtake India and Venezuela, previously showed enthusiasm for the project «Amur-1650».

The fact that the «Rosoboronexport» negotiates with China on joint production of submarines of the «Amur-1650», «b» said a source close to the Russian arms exporters weapons. According to him, in late August, the parties signed a framework agreement, involving joint design and construction of four submarines «in format 2/2» (Two of them will be built in Russia, and two in China. — «B»). «Exports of technology — not only an analogy with the planned Indian tender (for the purchase of non-nuclear submarines 6. -» B «). The implication is that Chinese-made components in the final product will be less than 30%. Signing a solid contract is not expected before 2015, «- said the source» b «, refusing to open a discussion of its amount.

Another source of «b» familiar with the situation, adding that «agreement on submarines is very important for the Russian Federation and is the head of the president’s list of projects with China.» According to him, supplementary agreement to conduct a first step, work can be signed before the end of this year. With all of this factory on the Russian side has not been determined, according to the source «b».

In the «Rosoboronexport» Chinese likely to contract subs not comment. But the middle of November, deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Biryulin Constantine said «Interfax-AVI» that China is a «strategic partner,» adding that «in 2011-2012, the sides exchanged visits by delegations and learned With a production base and having the ability to shipbuilding and ship repair companies in Russia and China. «

Diesel-electric submarine of Project 677 «Lada» designed CKB «Rubin» (St. Petersburg). In the late 1990s, two boats were laid on «Admiralty Shipyards» (Two cases — in 2005-2006). Length — 66.8 m, width of strong housing — 7.1 m, surface displacement — 1765 tons (underwater — 2650 m), the maximum depth — 300 m, submerged speed — 21 knots, autonomous navigation — 45 days stay under water — up to 25 days (with VNEU). Armed with cruise missiles Club-S, torpedoes and mines (ammunition — 18 units). Crew — 35 people.

The lead ship of the «Lada» «St. Petersburg» admitted to the trial operation of the Russian Navy in May 2010 and is currently undergoing increased exploitation. But this spring, the project was under threat of closure. Then last Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky said that «in its current form» Lada » Russian Navy is not necessary. » He later explained that he was talking about the power plant, «St. Petersburg», which did not match the stated features. But in May, the decision of the new Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov on «Admiralty Shipyards» resumed construction of 2-serial towers — «Kronstadt» and «Sevastopol», which will be completed by the modernized TexProekt. In addition, currently under construction first deliverable airindependent reference power plant (VNEU). Estimated sovereign Vysotsky, the first Russian submarine with VNEU can be created in 2014.

Submarine «Amur-1650» China will be equipped VNEU foreign production, says a source, «b», familiar with the negotiations. «At the request of a foreign customer will have their own power plant is made on the basis of the Stirling engine airindependent» — said «b», refusing to name the country of origin. Note that the Stirling engine is distinguished by low toxicity of combustion products of fuel and low noise. With these pluses it drew attention Swedish shipbuilders, who used it on a submarine type Gotland (designed in 1985-1990, the Swedish Kockums, can stay under water for up to 20 days in continuous). Currently, all the Swedish Navy submarine equipped Stirling engines. These engines are also established on Japanese submarines type «Soryu».

Sources «b» assure that the customer will not be able to copy our technique: do not allow limitations on the contract. In addition, our homeland and China are preparing to sign an agreement on human mental accessories MTC — this December 6th in public, said supervising Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. «The Chinese side said that they are one hundred percent of our perceived signal reverence mental toiletries Russian manufacturers. This agreement will be prepared and signed recently, «- he said.

So Makar, China could become the first buyer of the «Amur-1650», ahead of India, hitherto considered a major contender for these subs. About India plans to announce a tender for the purchase and licensed production of non-nuclear submarines 6 at $ 10.7 billion, it became clear at the end of last year. Then it was reported that «Rosoboronexport» offers Indian side «Amur-1650». India was even a draft. One of the criteria of the tender — Availability VNEU. Officially tender hitherto not been announced. Earlier enthusiasm for submarines «Amur-1650» Venezuela showed.

Worsens the situation is that in the near future, India and China were on the verge of conflict because Beijing claims for deposits in the South China Sea, which is in control of Vietnam, and is developing a state-owned Indian Oil and Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC). To protect their interests, threatened to bring Divide warships in the disputed area. Chinese authorities also collected from January 1, 2013 is forced to inspect foreign vessels in this area (see «Kommersant» on December 5).

Non-nuclear submarine fleet base of China is the production of Russian submarine project 877 and 636, says the deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko. «For the post-Soviet period the Naval Forces of China was adopted 12 such boats (all in service of China consist of 50 submarines). In addition, the Chinese have submarines of own production, which on the outside close to our 636th. But, apparently, they are quite booming and not very satisfy the Chinese military, the best indicator of what may be an agreement on «Cupid», «- said the expert. According to his estimates, the likely contract with China considering plans to transfer technologies Our motherland can fetch up to $ 2 billion. In turn, the Indian Navy’s submarine fleet is quite moderate and consists of only 10 Russian submarine project 636M Kilo, four German HDW and boats built nuclear submarine Akula-2 (Project 971), the Russian Federation has paid $ 1 billion.

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