On the eve of the Rio +20 Summit

On the eve of the Rio +20 Summit Facts

This year's summit is intended to guide humankind towards sustainable development and overcoming the environmental crisis and poverty. As before, the Rio +20 will be held in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

Preparation of the basic agreement for approval at meetings held in the stormy discussions and debates, however, took the final form of the document. Unfortunately, it is only from the actual data and the desired results without offering concrete solutions. Many environmental organizations have criticized the actions of the Organizing Committee of the summit.

By 2100, the world population could be 15 billion people. Income of the population increase, but their impact on the environment is difficult to assess.

In the past, more people means more consumption.

UN plans to halve the number of hungry people by 2015.

Reflected in the reduction of the deficit of renewable resources and increasing pollution.

The level of consumption around the world is not the same. In North America and Europe, he garazdo more and exceeds the actual number of resources available to those parts of the world.

Reduction of species of living organisms undermines sustainable human existence. Hardest hit were the poor, which is most actively discussed at Rio +20.

It is believed that the systems of the planet there is a limit to stress, after the overcoming of which you can forget about any stable future for humanity.
Author graphics Johan Rockstrom sure that these limits have long been violated on climate change, biodiversity and the nitrogen cycle.

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