On the streets of Baghdad appeared sultry soul

On the streets of Baghdad appeared sultry soul Facts

This summer, the temperature in Iraq soared to incredible values: sometimes the thermometer shows +50 ° C. In this connection, July 26 all civil servants have the day off, because in Baghdad was +52 ° C. Withstand the heat not everyone can, especially during the well-known Muslim fasting.

In addition, the administration came up with an unusual way to Baghdad, how to support its people and not let them "dry out" in this weather. To this end, the streets have been installed temporary showers, taking water from the shops and supermarkets. Now the hose with the same head as in a regular home soul, can take advantage of any passer-by, if he felt that he needed to freshen up.

So, in a suburb of Baghdad street Sinak such showers are located on sidewalks within 200 meters of each other. Despite the fact that the Iraqi people are often faced with this summer heat, which lasts from June to September, this invention in the form of street soul love the citizens, and consumers are more willing to make purchases outside of the store, where a shower. Especially when you consider that air conditioners do not do their job.

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