One in three pregnant — psychic?




A woman about to give birth able to stop time, to predict the future and even get out of the body! .. This is the conclusion of researchers from St. Petersburg Institute of Human Brain, the first in the world have been subjected to the study of pregnant women.

Just words are not enough!

It turned out that the "break-up" of consciousness occur in one third of pregnant women. They hear unusual sounds, they dream prophetic dreams and even caricatures angels. In memory suddenly surprisingly bright and in great detail pop up long-forgotten event (up to one's birth) is not only present, but also the "past" lives. Future moms (not very often, but still happens) "leave" the body and look at ourselves. Mothers come into telepathic contact with the fruit, and being in the hospital ward, manage some inner eye to watch what is going on at home … And it is, by the way, is quite normal for the ladies who have "head" all right.

— We have studied more than 400 women. We study their state two weeks before the birth, when these experiences are at their peak during labor and after 2 — 4 days after them, — says Dmitry Spivak a leading researcher at the Institute of Human Brain Sciences, Program Coordinator study of altered states of consciousness. — Later, a strange thing happens — she quickly forgets his unusual sensations with clear eyes and said, "That did not happen."

Hey, you there — the "top"!

Some surveys questionnaires yes it's not done. St. Petersburg scientists under the direction of Natalia Petrovna Behterevoj also "looked" in the brain of 120 pregnant women (those who are "not like everyone else") to see what they have going on there.

It was found, for example, that women about to give birth, prone to altered states of consciousness, "in charge" appears right hemisphere (associated with the figurative sense of the world). That it is "responsible" for labor, health and behavior keeps women under control.

One more detail: fixed, that the frontal lobe of the left hemisphere is obtained from somewhere (the sender is likely to over-or subconscious), a huge flow of information. Perhaps these are the most unusual experiences or, as the scientists, altered states of consciousness.

Doctor, doctor, what to me?
I'm not friends with the head …

Well, I must! And I, too, belong to a third of those "chudachek." I, for example, at the time of delivery vanished sense of time. It has not lasted, did not run and did not stand, it was not at all. Feeling preprotivnoe.

— Wrong with that nothing — reassured Dmitry Spivak. — Just your brain react to a lot of stress in major discharge of unusual psychic phenomena.

We began to study of altered states of consciousness, and therefore interested in birth, it's a terrible stress. Thanks to him, in the minds of women is slightly opened the door to the unknown. Not for long, just a couple of weeks. And we believe that our research will help a woman to enjoy it in the interest of development of his personality (before childbirth women are particularly susceptible and talented — why not teach them the language or not to install on smoking cessation). And we would like to develop new methods of psychotherapy to help mothers overcome stress.


"They were afraid that obzovut schizophrenic"

Valery Abramchenko, professor, head of the maternity ward of the St. Petersburg Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology RAMS. DO Otto:

— The study of the mind of pregnant women, we, together with the Institute of Human Brain doing for 10 years. I myself became interested in neuropsychiatric reactions of women giving birth in the 60's. Sometimes women talked about a split personality: that tuzhus, give birth and see if from the outside, like a child pulling out … But more often concealed — were afraid that would be called schizophrenic. It's only now, doctors began to understand what the state of mind — a variant of norm. These reactions are used to help keep the delivery and child.

Julia ZHUKOVSKAYA January 27, 2004


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