Overnight guests in Nizhny Tagil




"It happened a few years ago, when Marina was not yet 18, and when I was not interested in ufology. At the time, she and her family lived on the top floor of our five-story building (now do not live — moved). So, one day she started having a very strange and weird dreams. They are impressed by its persistence and monotony. At first, they, like, wear a good character, and then — already menacing. However, everything in order.

As recalled Marina, every night it were some mysterious "black figures" anemic physique and height not exceeding 1.5 meters to the balcony through the windows (!) Somehow got into the room where she slept. In this case, they were accompanied by a very bright blinding light that illuminates the walls and turns night into a bright, sunny day. Invasion took place totally silent, but Marina is immediately woke up and fell into a certain state, like numbness. Not only that it is completely unable to move (and could only turn his head) because she has lost a voice, but also a sense of fear disappeared fantastic visitors that absolutely unnatural! Probably during contact uninvited aliens hypnotized her, suppressing her fear and self-loathing.

"From these humanoids exuded something unearthly and obviously dangerous — says Marina — but I do not in the least afraid, and even interested in them. Although the first visit is well aware that they are not people, and profit from somewhere "out there" especially to me. "

In his first arrival of the aliens just said hello to the Marina. And very kindly and gently, trying, apparently, to show their best side. Communication is happening on a telepathic level, because their words are not heard, and appeared right in the head Marina.

But the second time they've brought with her a short conversation, asking Marina about her life and deeds on earth. (Because of the temporary absence of the voices of the fault "kosmitov" she spoke in a whisper.) The third meeting, oddly enough, was marked by an invitation Marina "to go along with them …". It is a natural question, "Where?" Night Visitors simply ignored by continuing diligently to assure that they have it "would be good," and she nothing to be sorry for. Of course, marina nowhere "fly" is not going to, and answered a firm refusal. However, this is her "dream" is not over.

For several days, the newcomers to it regularly frequented by requiring them to obey and not resist their failures. Marina knew that for some reason they just can not go against her will, and so they want to hear elementary word "yes" to immediately take her to him.

Appearing to the marina for the fourth time, humanoids, apparently coming out of patience, generally stated that her parents are not really her parents (!), But a bogus people who are entrusted to raise and educate her — supposedly his daughter, and that naturally , nothing to guess. So she, Marina, and must return to their distant homeland (because "time is ripe"), from whence it was brought back to Earth for spiritual maturity in an environment of human society. However, the real purpose of his experiment with the poor girl aliens have not revealed …

Of course, the marina has flatly refused to "go" wherever that may be …

During the fifth visit of these "creatures" are showered with threats, arguments Marina to tears. Unfortunately, she could not remember what exactly are these threats, because dreams are quickly forgotten and forget, no matter how hard you try (especially if they contain conversations). A phenomenon that is alien and was seen as a dream (probably about it again, they have taken care not to accidentally injure a teenage psyche Marina). But as these unannounced visits have left an indelible mark on her heart and mind, the chronology of his "visions" Marina managed not to forget, and forget just a few moments followed by a speech …

Now she begged pesky "guests" forever leave her alone and not to come to it with their incomprehensible statements and persuasion to go along with them nowhere. So her affable mood changed complete rejection of outsiders.

Oddly enough, but in the last six meetings with Marina "mysterious creatures" still come to terms with her defiant insistence to stay on Earth with his "imaginary" and the parents continue to live on in people. In parting, "aliens" Marino said that even after her return to the last day of her life. Why they did not say, but hinted something like that: it's better late than never! Obviously hoped that maybe then, being an old lady, she did change her mind and agree to "fly" with them "home", ostensibly for their proper home.

For what it might be necessary "vnezemlyanam" Marina and remains unclear. Moreover, she does not know why they have not been abducted her by force, since this was such a need (judging by their behavior). Although it could make free! But for some reason, to the deep joy of Marina, do not have, ie, does not go against her will …

As expected, the "mundane" Marina's parents all her obsessive "dreams" written off only to ordinary bad dreams that have nothing to do with reality. In other words, they did not take it seriously and did not show her "visions" due attention. Well, who would believe in such "nonsense", but herself? Frankly, I do not believe it at first. But then, after the end of the conversation with Marina, it was clear that she was not making it up, and frankly tells everyone what really happened, based on their residual memories. And thank God that later humanoids are not erased from the memory of these episodes of nocturnal Marina contacts, as usual, according to the chronicle of UFO! Although we do not exactly know that they are still able to supress some memories, and some are less shocking, a peaceful holiday to Marina knew about the existence of those who come to it.

Finally it is worth to note that any mental disorder Marina has never suffered, either before or after the above-mentioned "nightmare." So write off everything that happened to her unhealthy dreams in no way be! Especially, common dreams that does not name. Like it or not …

The conclusion is clear: all described actually took place. This is the reality of our days! And I do not have any reason not to believe the testimony of the Marina.

Dmitry Volobuev, a representative of the Sverdlovsk UFO group "Stalker", a corresponding member of "Kosmopoisk" (Nizhny Tagil). "

Russian UFO Digest 68 / December 2004

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