Passing through walls




Our ancestors once dreamed of the marvelous ability to walk through walls. It seems that the dream of mankind reach. Karl Heinz Rippel of Planck Institute — one of the leading German physicists working on a unified field theory. Without going into the details — the essence of the opening team of scientists under his leadership is the ability to transfer an atomic scheme of living things through very thin laser beam through the atomic lattice of the wall. Remember the horror film "The Fly"? There used a method of teleportation, which allows a person to transfer from cell to cell. Rippel yet capable of overcoming a maximum of 20 centimeters, writes TRY.MD

The first experiments with amphibians give disappointing statistics: only about one-hundredth of a frog can "push" through the wall of the "loose" concrete. By the way to go Rippel and whether he can make significant progress is unknown. But the story is not very old and tells the story of a very unusual cases … In Germany, since ancient times to keep the country legend. It tells the story of the abduction cases, babies are taking place right in front of astonished parents. Sometimes children just as suddenly returned, but instead of human children appear strange creatures that feed on grass. Old German legend says that teleportation had undergone children were "tagged".

In different countries, from time to time fixed by unexplained escapes from prison. During a tour in Kiev Houdini's famous royal guard made every effort to hone visiting celebrities Lukyanovskaya in prison. In vain! Houdini disappeared from the camera's close. He took his secrets to the grave, he, like David Copperfield Field, is still considered a talented hoaxer. In one of the rigors of prison in Berlin — "Fliess" — a famous black Max Ha bib. The administration is so used to his "everyday" shoots that even ceased to raise the alarm. Habib certainly in the morning knocking at the prison gate. Against this black man, who had, by the way, a law degree from the University of Rostov-criminalist, were powerless to any constipation. Habib for his "exploits" once transferred alone, where it was hung on a belt, mysteriously missing from one of the guards. Doctors pronounced him dead, and Habib … alive again a week later at the morgue.

Many similar cases found in the English "Book of Miracles," published in the XVI century. For example, it describes how in the county of Suffolk appeared wild girl and a boy who suffered there (according to them) using the "unknown force" at a time when they looked after the sheep of his father. In 1871, Mrs. Guppy medium suddenly moved from his home in Highbury (London) for 3 miles and collapsed naked (100 kg!) On spiritualistic table. In 1952, an expert on black magic Tudor Pole realized I did not have time to home at the time, sat down on a bench waiting station in Munich and … found himself at home.

However, the "flashing" of the space, and the walls do not always remain without consequences. Alas, the only successful cases recorded. How many people were killed and maimed — nobody has been able to count. Mutilated carcasses of frogs professor Rippelya — a stark reminder of the difficulties of teleportation. Some luck, alas, still only exception, not the rule. Movements in space — time is still on the verge of possibility. Although no one can say that sort of thing — fiction and fiction charlatans. Prior to the next stage of technological revolution seems only a matter of months. And then the walls of our homes, it is already not guarantee against eavesdropping and spying, will be unreliable and protection from unexpected visitors.


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