Pearl Harbor — a setup Roosevelt

December 7, 1941 attack by Japanese carrier-based aircraft on the South American base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii began the war in the Pacific. But America itself provoked her

Pearl Harbor - a setup Roosevelt

It was the Japanese indescribably unique beginning of the war. Seventh December 1941 Japanese planes stormed the South American fleet in the harbor of Pearl Harbor for exactly 5 minutes before the rise of flags. This ceremony South American sailors were doing every day — at 8 am at once on all the ships stationed in the bay on the blessed Hawaii, right on the nose was rising jack and aft — Stars and Stripes municipal flag. On the battleships to the same municipal anthem played at the gleaming brass wind instruments. Funny hats sailors, whose stomachs are full fifteen minutes digested excellent south american breakfast, full of protein and vitamins, snow-white form of naval officers with wide shoulder straps, very reminiscent of Russian, the sound of music — it was the beginning of a luxurious day or which promised to dismiss saved (December 7 fell just on Sunday), and suddenly, in a time when all was ready for the ceremony, the water appeared smallish Japanese torpedo bombers.

Then one of the Japanese pilots Yoshio Shiga recalled: "It was a beautiful sight, the kind of South American Navy gave me the deepest memory. If the Japanese ships were camouflaged in gray tones, the South American shone. I immediately realized that a storm, and the consequences of bombs dropped would be severe. "

Pearl Harbor - a setup Roosevelt

Pearl Harbor after the attack. Story of American battleships ablaze

Torpedoes rushed to the South American battleships. After 8 minutes, rolled battleship "Oklahoma" — a giant armored masts buried directly into the shallow bottom, on the surface of the protruding rounded, like a whale, and a portion of the starboard side of the keel. Inside it swam four hundredths of corpses of those who have not managed to jump overboard.

The battleship "Arizona" exploded, virtually crumbled to pieces — after hitting a bomb in his cellars detonated ammunition. God took one hit for himself in 1102 to innocent souls. Of his team escaped no one!

Another lucky a bit more. The battleship "West Virginia" came on like a torch, and sat on the floor — it was saved only a small depth of the bay. Right at the pier sank "California." Neither South American battleship, not counting the "Nevada" in the attack has not had time to set in motion. They all were a flawless motionless target. Approximately the hunter shoots the duck fat, slumbering peacefully on the water.

It was a shame, what a South American navy did not know either before or after. A complete list of losses looked so — 5 battleships sunk, three — damaged. Three light cruisers temporarily disabled. Two destroyers destroyed. Another seriously damaged. Most of the American squadron that held in terror the entire Pacific Ocean, less than an hour has been transformed into a pile of scrap metal.

Pearl Harbor - a setup Roosevelt

Japanese happiness. The battleship "Arizona" turned into scrap metal

No one think out that the scrap metal was carrying a profound symbolic meaning. Just beyond year before the war began, U.S. President Roosevelt forbade the South American firms to export scrap metal to Japan. So Makar, he deprived the country, which has virtually no natural resources, the ability to feed its steel industry.

In general, Roosevelt was an exceptional hypocrite and play actors. He even pretended to their babies, playing a good grandfather in a wheelchair most anxious Tipo freedom of world trade and the style of the United States to narrow as the peepholes, the eyes of the Japanese. The scion of President Eliot says in the book "His Eyes" own conversation with her father in September 1940. Japan was at war in China. Americans secretly supported by the Chinese General Chiang Kai-shek. But Elliot Roosevelt worried why native country ruled by his father, as before implementing the Land of the Rising Sun scrap metal? The scion and asked his father, "Why? After all, we can not know that scrap metal is sent to Japan, brings death to the Chinese? "

Pearl Harbor - a setup Roosevelt

At the airport. Americans bail out the remnants of his own aviation

POLICY duplicity. Old man Roosevelt, if they believe his son, allegedly responded with "thoughtful": "We — peaceful civilization. This is not just a state. This particular frame of mind. This means that we do not want war, it means that we are not ready for war. The scrap metal is not considered to have military material. For Japan, like every other country with which we maintain trade relations, has an opportunity to take from us this stuff. Not enough. If we suddenly ended up selling the Land of the Rising Sun scrap metal, it was entitled to believe that we have made an unfriendly act, using the tool of trade to choke her, starve her hunger. And that's not all. She was entitled to consider such a step on our part as the basis for breaking relations diplomatically. I'll go even further. If she thought we were not prepared for war, not military, it could even use this as a pretext for declaring war. "

But only just a few days after that conversation — September 26, 1940 — President Roosevelt on behalf of the South American government announced prohibiting the export of scrap iron, iron and steel to foreign countries, except Britain, Canada and the countries of South America. Japan in the list of South American consumers scrap did not come. As can be seen, Roosevelt was well aware that forces her poruha the United States. Especially since in the same conversation with her son this outstanding yaponofob, who was at the head of the United States, admitted: "In essence, we are passionate about things appeasement land of the rising sun. This is a nasty word, and do not think I like it. But exactly this is the case. We square off Japan to buy time for the creation of high quality fleet, upscale and upscale Army Aviation. "

As can be seen, on September 26 Roosevelt believed that the navy, army and air force have gained one of the highest stage of development, when Japan can no longer "square off", but on the contrary — razdrakonivat.

Pearl Harbor - a setup Roosevelt

Battleship "West Virginia." Despite the fire, his vostanovilas

Another 16 May 1940 on the initiative of the President adopted a brand new military programm. Roosevelt hurry. He appealed to the Congress in those days, when it became clear that France is losing the war in Germany. Hitler's tanks just broke through the Ardennes to Paris. Were the first words of the president: "There comes a languid times." As he wrote in his book "Lend-Lease — an instrument of victory" one of the closest associates of Roosevelt Edward Stettinius, who was responsible for the mobilization of American industry, "the president called on Congress to about 2-special allocations for the expansion of the army and navy, totaling approximately 2.5 billion dollars. The fate of the Maginot bands, like 5 nations that in the past 5 weeks on the experience learned that the neutrality and good intentions do not help out with anger, urged the president to declare: "There is no defense techniques of old times, who could now be sufficient and did not need to be improved. No one and no time right now can not ignore the danger of an attack. " Then he called the number, which has caused excitement in Congress and throughout the country: "I wish that our country has been able to create, at least, 50,000 aircraft year. "

TANKS as refrigerators. Specifically, after which the Americans began churning out tanks and planes as refrigerators. They chose to win in a commercial sense circuit. Naturally, no Hitler did not threaten the United States. With no ocean-going fleet, he could have planted not only in the South American coast, but even in the UK. Besides, the Germans and the Americans were not at war. England was at war only. And the United States generously supplied her weapon and equipment, increasing the power of their own industry for its own modernization and deployment of the latest Army. This system was called the Lend-ysis. After Hitler's invasion of the USSR in the Roosevelt area and distributed it on their own "friend" of Stalin. By the end of September 1941 Russian Alliance ordered supplies to the 145,710,823 bucks. According to Stettinius, "Russian took aviation fuel, toluene, machinery and equipment, the telephone wire, shoes, fabric, and much more. They were needed as aircraft, tanks and anti-tank guns. "

Pearl Harbor - a setup Roosevelt

Pearl Harbor. Photos captured by a Japanese pilot in the time of the attack

FOOTBALL ROOSEVELT. All of this allowed the United States to secretly prepare for war with Japan, bogged down in China, and then take the prize in the battle for world domination, having landed in Europe at a time when Germany is depleted in the conflict on the eastern front. Usually we remember the mercantile heir to Roosevelt's phrase — Harry Truman, who said in June 1941: "Let the Russian and the Germans are killing each other as much as possible, and we will help them." But in fact, only the voice of Truman debate surrounding the coming of Roosevelt. The president himself said offspring in 1942: "Imagine to yourself that this is a football match, and we — replacement players sitting on the bench. At this point, the main players — are Russian, Chinese and, to a lesser extent — by the British. We intended role … players that will come into play at the crucial moment … We will enter into the game to score the winning goal. "

It is not necessary to think that Roosevelt was a philanthropist, is going to rescue the world from a desire to take a most honorable place in paradise. America has provided assistance to the Allies only for funds and recognition of its vision of the future world order. U.S. arms twisted even their own historical homeland — England. Roosevelt sought from Churchill to open the way to South American goods to the English colonies. The fat man with a cigar rested, "Mr. President, the United Kingdom for a minute did not intentionally abandon its own pre-emptive provisions in the British dominions. Trade that brought Britain greatness will last on the criteria established by British ministers. " But the South American president stubbornly continued to bring up my own English officer, "This is somewhere on the strip at us can appear some differences."

Pearl Harbor - a setup Roosevelt

Roosevelt offspring: "This is a football game, and we — replacement players. We will enter into the game to score the winning goal '

Disagreement was overcome only August 13, 1941 aboard a South American cruiser "August", where, right on the ocean, was signed by the prince's Atlantic Charter. Fourth, the most important point of her saying the U.S. and Britain "will endeavor to provide a situation in which all countries — majestic or small, favorites or losers — have access on equal terms to the trade and to the world's raw material sources." In practice, these fine words meant that the world's raw materials should get the strongest — in other words, the United States of America. Hidden drama of the same document was the fact that less than three weeks before the conclusion of the Atlantic Charter July 26, 1941 U.S., the UK and the Netherlands announced the freezing of Japanese capital and forbade the export of oil and oil products, even in Japan — the Americans with their own areas, where conducted extensive oil production, and the British and the Dutch — from their own colonies in Southeast Asia. What kind of "free trade" could there be?

Roosevelt offered malehankih island country in the grip or suffocate the economic blockade, or try their luck in a suicidal war against the United States and England. Living in the country of the rising sun could not lose face and chose war. South American sailors who saw the last time in the dawn of life in Pearl-Harbor December 7, 1941, to thank for that could only own president, merivshego world yardstick huge profits. They were pawns in a big geopolitical game that should "surrender" to cause an explosion of "righteous indignation" at the American housewives and their zombie "ideals of democracy" sons.

Pearl Harbor - a setup Roosevelt

Specifically Churchill Roosevelt passed the trade interests of Britain

REVENGE USA. In general, Pearl Harbor paradoxical way went South American fleet to benefit. Irrevocably he lost only two battleships — "Oklahoma" and "Arizona". All other "Nedobitko" in over 1942 were not just raised and repaired, and radically modernized. By coincidence, a joyful event, the base itself and its shipbuilding capacity is not affected.

Revenge for Pearl Harbor occurred on the night of 24 to 25 October 1944 at Leyte Gulf in the Philippines. South American fleet led by Rear Admiral Oldendorf (a descendant of German immi
grants) was faced with 2 Japanese battleships, 4-cruisers and eight destroyers. Japanese ships were slowly narrow Surigao Strait without radar and not knowing that the South American admiral of German origin sees them in the dark as to the hands. Battle lines Oldendorf consisted entirely of the resurrected "dead" Pearl Harbor — battleships "West Virginia", "Maryland", "Tennessee", "California" and "Pennsylvania." The flagship battleship Admiral Nishimura "Yaamasiro" broke in half. Right behind him was sent to the bottom of the battleship "Fuso". The whole fight kept within just 10 minutes. Battleship "PA", closes the system, in general, do not have time to release a 1st projectile. All targets were hit in the pitch dark on the testimony of locators.

Provocative account of Franklin Roosevelt, was lured into the trap of the Japanese Pearl Harbor three years earlier, it is quite justified. Stealther strong and defeated the desperate and brave. Bloody morning Pearl Harbor was in fact flourishing South American world domination.

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