Pentagon: Iran is waiting for a revolution. Activation of Azerbaijan cards

Pentagon: Iran expects revolution.  Activation of Azerbaijan "cards"U.S. Defense Minister Leon Panetta made a prediction that soon in the Islamic Republic of Iran will be a revolution following the example of revolts and riots in other Islamic countries. In his view, the world has beheld, as in the last election in Iran that the Iranian state raised the same issues that have become a prerequisite for the revolutions in the Arab countries. "I think that reform and revolution in Iran — only a matter of time," — said the South American Defense.

Panetta highlighted the need for constant analysis of the situation and take action to support the efforts of the Iranian opposition. In addition, according to the views of the Minister of Defense of the United States, so called "Arab Spring" fully and may spread to other, non-Arab, non-Muslim country. He referred to the principal reasons that, in his opinion, were the basis for a revolution in the Near East, calling them in the middle of a huge media exposure and acts young people who have no hope for the future. According to Panetta, "tipping point" when the company asks indigenous configurations come not only for the Near East countries, and for Iran.

In the IRI large protests were held in 2009 after the results of the presidential election, when the winner was incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. During those riots killed 10's people, hundreds of protesters were arrested. Most of them then successfully gained their freedom, but some "trouble-makers" were shot. In the middle of February 2011 in Tehran and some other cities of Iran were demonstrations in support of the peoples of Egypt and Tunisia, but the destabilization authorities prevented.

Azerbaijan began to play a "map"

A number of Iranian cities — Sarab, Ahar, Meshkinshehre, Urmia — September 3 were "environmental" protests. Their members were protesting against flegmantichnogo case of the Iranian authorities to drying of Lake Urmia (this undrained salt lake in the northwest of the Islamic Republic, naikrupneyshee lake Near and Middle East). In the protest action were voiced slogans such as: "Azerbaijan — my life, and the lake Urmia — Blood "," Lake Urmia is asking for help, ""Lake Urmia is dying. Majlis issued a decree about his murder. " According to media reports, a demonstration was held in Tabriz took the role of more than 10 thousand Azerbaijanis.

There are also reports that Iranian police and the army to use force to prevent a similar share in the capital of Iran. Area of Imam Hussein and "Azadlig" had been cordoned off by law enforcement forces, the protesters dispersed with tear gas. The number of the wounded is not clear, arrested several 10-s people. The participants of the protest action presented requirement immediately stop the deliberate draining of the Lake Urmia and take immediate action to prevent drying of the reservoir. The demonstrators also demand that the Iranian government immediately apologized to the people of Azerbaijan expressed by the chairman of the Iranian parliament deputies and by some insults at him the address, said the Azerbaijani news agency APA.

In the middle of the other requirements of Azerbaijani protesters — immediate dismissal and punishment of the Governor of West Azerbaijan province, verbovanie accountable police who attacked peaceful protesters, release of arrested demonstrators, ending in the municipal media disk imaging campaign slurs against Azerbaijanis, compensation of the real harm caused personal farms of the local population.

Own citizens supported in adjacent Azerbaijan and Turkey: in front of the Iranian Embassy in Ankara own rally against the draining of the lake Urmia spent living in the Turkish state natives of South Azerbaijan, a similar action with very sharp anti-Iranian slogans spent in front of the Iranian embassy in Baku.

It should be noted that in the late 80's of the 20th century, when Russian alliance which led to the collapse, "environmental" protests used as a way to destabilize the country. For example, in Armenia, suddenly raised issues of environmental dispositions — for example, sought to close the Metsamor nuclear power plant and a rubber plant "Nairit". Then the protests and political slogans were coloring, and began to develop the idea of reunification of Nagorno-Karabakh with Armenia. Many experts believe that this technique has been well worked out in the West and is focused on accelerating the centrifugal processes on the territory of the Union of Russian.

Pentagon: Iran expects revolution.  Activation of Azerbaijan "cards"

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