People are able to see with your eyes closed?




Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Physics Department of Moscow State University Yuri Pyt'ev in no doubt

On the face — a dense black armband. In the face — the book. A person reads it. Focus? Miracle? Supernatural powers? Theoretically, it is possible neither one nor the other, nor the third. Scientists still find it difficult to answer unequivocally. While some of them believe that the phenomenon actually exists.

— Who are the scientists first became interested in "dark vision"? — I ask Professor Pyt'ev.

— Supernatural abilities of some people, or as they are now called, psychics, more than 100 years ago, began to study the well-known physics Thomson Lodge and Crookes. Now they have a lot of followers. In most American universities, for example, the work of scientists who are trying to understand the nature of unusual phenomena and solve the puzzle, including the ability to see with your eyes closed.

— What's unusual about you personally observed?

— A few years ago, I led a 14-year-old girl Nadia, who saw blindfolded subjects. But not all, but only those who were in the electromagnetic field. In other words, have been highlighted as if radiation invisible to the eye. However, she is very tired quickly. Forces "look" was enough for 1 — 2 minutes.

— And what she looked?

— It's not clear. But experiments have shown that Nadia "looks" to the text as if by some other eye, which are located … above his head — somewhere in the region of the crown. To explain the phenomenon, we can not but believe that it is found, and suspect that we are dealing with a kind of wave process.

— Have you consulted with doctors about the detected anomalies?

— We examined gifted "second sight" of children at the Research Institute of traditional methods of treatment and in the laboratory of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Guys were taken in the St. Petersburg Institute of Human Brain of RAS. And they confirmed what they see with their eyes closed.

We, the physicists — continues the professor, — one thing is clear: extrasensory perception exists. But the man most likely, in addition to the five known senses, there are other means of interaction with the outside world.


Experiments by Robert Morris, who for 15 years headed parapsychology department at Edinburgh University, show that among one million people — just a telepath. Morris believes that some mysterious force still exists. And the current task sees scientists to establish a mechanism of it or more.

As I developed the supernormal

Ability to see with your eyes closed taught at the Center for bioinformatics technologies "noosphere." "Maybe we do not succeed, — warned me there — but to work with you, we are ready."

The course, as it turned out, consisted of 10 sessions of 45 minutes and costs 500 rubles for each. Total: 5000.

With me contribute to the bright future made five more — economist, doctor, businessman, and retired accountant, who talked like this: "Maybe it's nothing, but … What happens in my life. "

At the first lesson, a female instructor was to instill that "we have to grow dandelions fingers." They need to feel the pull away, right on the street, and all of them there palpate.

Then we learned to inflate "energy balls", roll them up and re-roll from one hand to another, as in the movie "Incendiary glance." "The ability to manage your energy — this is the first step on the way to the second sight," — says a female instructor. And called to massage her — energy — the internal organs, which become visible from and accessible for our own viewing.

By the tenth lesson accountant and actually saw my stomach in the form of three-dimensional images on the wall. In the same place pensioner saw the screen — empty, but which, according to her, changed color. The businessman was a huge eye. That's it, then it probably will be read in the dark, I thought. But the businessman did not even tried. Like, early: you would have to learn.

And I'm not going. Empty Case: 5000 handed, and did not see even his own stomach. Either I'm incapable or not here to teach. A "second sight" — a rare and elusive phenomenon in practice.


You can see and ears

When people promise something to teach for the money, but they say that can not happen, it's suspicious. But does not mean that the object itself, in case a phenomenon "of the second" can not exist in principle. The practice often lags behind the theories. Although about seeing with your eyes closed, and the theory behind. However, scientists have not abandoned their attempts to understand the mysteries of sensory perception. And they are.

For example, if a person is deprived of one of the senses, then a few days or even hours of the brain begins to reallocate unused resources, increasing the susceptibility of the remaining senses.

Recently, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone of Harvard University, has taught the ABC of the Blind (Braille) sighted volunteers. Blindfolded them. And while temporarily blinded read fingers, that is used by touch, they scanned the brains. It turned out that it started to work actively visual cortex, if people have seen.

A team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, joined with the visual cortex of ferrets as their ears. And the animals are, in fact, have the ears to see. However, very bad.

Perhaps, too, psychics somehow include the sense of touch — those "little fingers, which grow dandelions." Or see the ears, sending signals directly to the visual cortex, which is located on the top. Like the "second eye" of the girl Nadi.

Vladimir Lagowski. Catherine ZADOHINA. January 26, 2004

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