Peru needs a Russian fighter jets

Peru needs a Russian fighter jetsAir Force of Peru need such aircraft as the Russian fighter 5th generation T-50 (promising aviation complex tactical aircraft, PAK FA), says creator article in the local journal Generacion.

It notes that the 3-PAK FA fighter would be pretty to deter potential adversaries. In case of war, they will be able to completely keep control of the air space, providing a standing armed Peruvian Air Force MiG-29 "Mirage 2000" spot the opportunity to apply and effective attacks on his positions, said in an article entitled "Meet the PAK FA (T -50). Plane, which should be available. "

According to the views of the creator of articles, "taking into account the state's defense of Peru, you need to adopt the latest massive weapon of deterrence."

The publication notes that the company developed "dry" fighter 5th generation has the highest combat effectiveness and barely noticeable to radar. Plane able at once to accompany several air and ground targets, says the creator of the article.

On the technical features of this functional plane superior to the South American F-22 Raptor at a lower price, the newspaper notes.

As reported, the three aircraft 5th generation involved in flight tests in Russia. Until the end of the year to be joined by the T-50-4. Work on the export version of the fighter 5th generation — promising functional fighter (PMI) — conducted in conjunction with the Republic of India.

The program provides for the creation of the PAK FA, Group of mass production and adoption of Russian army fighter 5th generation. This will allow to increase the combat potential of the group of Russian Air Force, will help bring the aviation industry and related industries to the new production and technical level, to give impetus to the development of scientific schools, provide a stable load defense industry companies, the "Interfax".

Compared to the previous generation fighter PAK FA has several unique features, combining the functions inside the strike aircraft and fighter. The use of composite materials and technology innovator, aerodynamic aircraft assembly, measures to decrease the visibility of motor provide unprecedentedly low level of radar, optical and infrared visibility. This can significantly improve the combat effectiveness of the work of both aerial and ground targets, at any time of the day, in normal and adverse weather conditions.

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