Pilots rebuked scare motorists

Pilots are forbidden to scare motorists

Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev forbade pilots to scare people after the Web appeared a couple of videos with bombers Sou-24 and Mi-8 helicopter, flying at super-low altitude over the highways. In general, punish subordinates for their own foolhardiness Bondarev does not want.

"You know, as commander in chief, litsezrev it on TV, I immediately had to break one and all, and bring justice," — said the commander in chief at a press conference. Immediately after it became clear what had happened, was checked: it turned out that the ultra-low altitude flights were made according to the plan battle training and the pilots did not violate the charter of said Cooper.

"There are exercises like the crew of the Su-24, and the crew of the helicopter, which require them to work off the steering technique for maximum low-altitude — 50 meters. Based on this, the crew of friction and did what he was ordered, according to Flight mission "- quoted by RIA General" Announcements ".

Coupled with the fact Bondarev assured that in the future so fly Air Force pilots will not. "Naturally, we have taken steps to not be in the coming of similar cases. This is not to limit the height of piloting, because we need pilots prepared for all conditions of combat deployment. We just changed the routes of piloting, flying zone, order crossing route, if it will fall on the flight path, "- highlighted commander.

Two videos from auto recorders, which capture the low-flying Sou-24 and Mi-8 appeared on the Web in September. First clip posted inhabitant of Tomsk. August first man went with his wife and 2 daughters on the Sea of Azov. Around the farm Light Horn of Volgograd region on the M21 highway over his car at a very low altitude proparhal battle Su-24.

Second recording was made in the area of the town Kamenska Ural. On the video you can see how over the route Moscow — Kurgan at ultra-low altitude flying helicopter The Mi-8.

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