Pistol carbine version of DB15 Diamondback Firearms

Pistol carbine version of DB15 Diamondback Firearms
Diamondback Firearms company was represented pistol carbine version DB15. Newcomer gun appropriated designation DB15 Pistol. New space-saving small instrument will be offered in several configurations and finishing. In some U.S. stores this instrument is already available.
Gun DB15 — significantly shorter version of the rifle DB15, which in turn was created based on the AR-15. Gun DB15, like his forefather, can fill a cartridge .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO.
New gun will be offered with a barrel length of 267 or 190 mm. For their production used chrome steel 4140 (38HMA — the Russian equivalent). Step rifling — 228.6 mm. To reduce the length of the largest gun he reduced to 127 mm length buffer tube (in what is revertible spring).

Receiver gun made of aluminum 7075-T6 forging. The fore-end has a lower and an upper strap and ventilation holes along the entire length, which contributes to the best heat dissipation. Trunk resettled developed Diamondback Firearms flame arrester jagged shape. According to the developers, it is more excellent lowers the flame produced by the shot.

From accessories worth noting pistol grip Magpul MOE, ergonomics and coverage tridtsatizaryadny shop Magpul PMAG and a buffer tube, which is decorated sponge rubber. Trigger a double act.

DB15 is not equipped with iron sights, but gives the holder the opportunity to request additional equip gun sighting equipment that is installed on a mounting plate. This approach allows to reduce the price of the instruments and allows the holder without the help of others to decide what is best for him.
Now gun DB15 offered in 3 colors: land (flat dark earth), olive and black. All are coated with DB15 Cerakote.

The final product — a pretty small and affordable instrument.

Retail price gun DB15 in the United States is 900-1000 bucks, which makes this instrument is fully competitive, especially in view of the beautiful properties of production. Apart from this, some merchants offer DB15 complete with SIG Sauer AR (stabilizing bracelet).

DB15 gun on the market positioned as very uzhatye version of AR and a weapon for shooting at veselitelnoy shooting and defense at home.

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