Pistols Volcanic. The truth about the bracket Henry

Probably not in the middle of those people who at least once in their lives, albeit on the screen tele, not beheld gun with clip Henry. Rally can recall at least some of the film "gold rush" in the area of North America or the more recognizable and massive "Terminator", in which more young Arnie resounded from Winchester 1887 shotgun everything that came in the way, with all this instant recharging tool with one hand, holding it by the bracket Henry. Staple Henry, she's Henry lever is a lever which own position in the normal adjacent to the butt of guns, so makarom that hand holding the handle comes in an elongated ring fingers for them in the arm. Hold the gun at forearm, arm can be folded down and back to return it to the place with all this happen recharge, and the hand will lay down again for a comfortable hold guns. Named in honor of such a device Benjamin Henry.

Until nedavneshnego time, I, like many, thought that this man really is the inventor of such a comfortable and unusual device, but to find information not only allows you to doubt it, and it is to prove that this man has very little relation to the details of guns, betrothed in his honor. I'll try to put my thoughts and information found in this article.

It all started with the fact that I threw up an article about guns Volcanic, really unique weapons and, more importantly for the long multiply charged. Thus, gun was a pretty great device that was, except beauty, regular and reliable as a hammer. Power pistol was made from tubular magazine, which was placed under the barrel guns, reloading is performed using a small clip of Henry, which came just one finger holding hands. I do not know what I stumbled into this design idea to compare the date of patents per gun, apparently what Volcanic nowadays not much is known, in contrast to the long-barreled gun with clip Henry, as we know, unique design get far the smallest spread, than their modifications. So here is the result of matching was that the guns were trademarked Volcanic February 14, 1854, while the first rifle had its own patent in 1860. And now the most exciting, in fact the inventors were staples Henry Horatio Smith and Daniel Wesson, who later founded the well-known on the whole world company Smith & Wesson. Here's such a historical fact was discovered during research pistol Volcanic, I think, that I'm not alone mistaken about the authorship of Henry staples that should rightfully be named after other famous gunsmiths. In general, the implement of Winchester has always been far not all smooth and straight in the titles, so this can not be said that very much amazed me. Let's try a close look at the gun and its design developed by Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson.

Thus, gun Volcanic was created 2 famous gunsmiths in 1854. This invention was completely revolutionize the world of firearms, significantly increasing the speed of fire, but the wide spread of guns have not received. Despite the fact that the mass distribution of a tool name in no way impossible, it fulfilled all the same standard and means and the data had buyers pistols. Specifically, this instrument Smith & Wesson announced to the world itself, founded for the production of these pistols his first company June 20, 1854. It is purely specialized in the production and repair of guns Volcanic, and placed in the state Konektikut in the town of Norwich. At this time, the inseparable companions, gunsmiths began to produce pistols only a 2-caliber, .30 and .38, with a barrel length of 4 and 8 inches respectively, and even managed to produce 1,200 units of guns, then their company has closed.

Background of the company's closure were quite significant. The fact is that in the beginning was not elected the most successful ammunition for the gun. Properties cartridges have been fully satisfactory, but the cost to them was not the malehankih, which, naturally, did not contribute to the wide spread of guns. So, for 1000 .30 caliber cartridges had to give 10 bucks for 1000 is 32 hundredths of a caliber rounds in. sought $ 12, which at that time was quite a lot. But it did not stop gunsmiths. Finding partners who beheld potential weapons, among which was well-known to us, and Winchester, Smith & Wesson open the newest company in the wall that has been built right up to the issue of gun vserasprostranennye at the time of ammunition. Fundamentally new guns were no different from the past, but given the fact that they have started to use quite different ammo took a while for that to create working at full strength. Thus, in the first year it was produced only 600 units of guns that have benefited the most far not the highest popularity. Now, the creation of hosted in New Haven.

Soon, Smith and Wesson left the company, unfortunately, it is not clear why, although faster just because of the fact that they really revolutionary invention in firearms was unclaimed. After all, the founder of Winchester was the only one who initially continued to produce data pistols, and the next with own designers adapted the device under a long-barreled gun tool. Oh, so it is time-and then it became more famous and very popular at the time, and guns over time simply forgotten. As well as forgotten where it came from bracket Henry, what it did was preceded by a long-barreled gun for models and who its creator. In general, Smith and Wesson got its recognition and without their own first invention.
The mechanism of the gun is pretty simple. In abduction braces down, the platoon of the trigger gun, immediately picked up by this new cartridge of the tubular magazine under the barrel. When you return the bracket to its original position, the chambering a cartridge in the chamber, for all that it is firmly locked, even the most powerful of modern cartridges will not be able to move the shot back brace, because all the energy goes hand in hand in the form of returns. Well, pulling the trigger releases the hammer or trigger, regardless of what the design tool, then it repeats. It should be noted that the use of only the middle finger, which extends into the ring bracket, convenience tools were very, very relative. First, the reason for that was to use gunpowder quite good from the modern quality that created a lot of hard carbon deposits. In view of this far not many have enough power to remove the spent case and stick a new cartridge into the chamber. But if you use guns in the charge weight, this procedure becomes much easier and faster. However, for this model only came with a longish stem. Apparently, this was the basic premise of why the tool is not exercised the greatest success, though it sought a certain skill of the shooter.

System of a gun is not particularly exciting, because it replicates (or, rather, on the contrary) work schemes rifles and shotguns with bracket Henry. Equipment grenade pistol ammunition store is much more enthusiastic. So, pushing the lock, it was necessary to withdraw store to the side, so that it came out of the box gun, alternately inserting the cartridges, it was necessary to hold their finger to return the store back and fix it. Naturally, the capacity to store one hundred percent dependent on the length of the gun barrel because usually these two elements are equal in length. This is not the most comfortable device store at the
time greatly increased the rate of recharge, though better if each new insert the cartridge into the drum at the latest the bolt gun, so you could say that with the advent of the gun Volcanic time to recharge and gear gun cartridges significantly reduced . In general, de it should be noted that this gun is pretty common design had a tremendous impact on the future development of tools, so that, despite the small number of published copies, this gun really did, albeit small, but a revolution in the arms market, however, after that as been discontinued. By the way, there were other models of pistols similar design, but about them some other time.

Naturally, the incriminating Henry of stealing ideas no one is going all the same gun making it the branch, where the line between plagiarism and a good idea is very thin. It should be noted that the designer has adapted the system under long-barreled pistol Volcanic gun, made ring to recharge more comfortable, but that name in honor of his single detail without specifying anywhere real creators of the mechanism of the work was, in my opinion, is not quite perfect. All the same there is a difference when different designers develop one and the same system, and everyone knows about it, and the designers themselves making use each other, and when one of the designers of the scheme takes the gun, developed by another man and calls her his naming. I would like to believe in the fact that the title still was an initiative of Winchester, not the designer, because when a businessman does so, it is something to be expected and does not hit, because precisely because of this that's not entirely good faith actions most of the recognizable business and have gained of success.

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