Places of Power in the Crimean mountains




Power rings Meganom and mysteries of Kara-Dag

Cape Megan located near Sudak and externally, seemingly unremarkable. Neutral coastal landscape, rocky ground, bushes yes fescue-feather grass carpet. However, since at first glance. An experienced eye investigator on this carpet will soon find a strange yellowish band thickness of about 0.5 meters. That's another phenomenon. What made the grass here to change their pigment? Why does a bird's eye pigment stripes look like big rings? And who are these strange characters? Questions in relation to this phenomenon occurs is really a lot. But let's not jump to conclusions, but rather reflect on the facts:

1) when the ring fade then fall into the intended range of practically impossible;

2) then again they quickly become lighter and retain glow for a long time (especially at night), at which time the ring is made available;

3) radioactivity, but there are magnetic anomaly;

4) All the signs indicate that the residual effects of cold plasma here on earth;

5) observed that the spherical shape of the UFO engines use an internal energy of cold plasma;

6) cold plasma is generated by them from the crystals of volcanic rock;

7) extinct volcano Karadag virtually close by.

These and other facts show that Cape Megan aliens used as a convenient landing pad. What is located in the bowels of the Kara-Dag? This is a mystery. Eyewitnesses often tell of the strange glow and glowing silhouettes that appear here periodically.

Pets on Meganom and Kara Dagh be not like to behave tense, suspicious and anxious. There is a belief that if you sit here on the skin of the sacrificial lamb, the body becomes weightless, and grace is poured out on him from above. Such a person is after a long penance, purification can be a skilled healer. Kara-Dag is also known for its magical stones. In coastal waters and underwater caves are more unusual creatures — giant marine reptiles (sea dragons, or plesiosaurs). In general, the Kara-Dag is rich with legends and paranormal phenomena.

New World — Crimean Atlantis

Externally, it is very similar to the island of Crete. The picturesque bay, the mountain slopes are covered with thick green bush at the foot and in the valleys grow lush pine trees and slender cypresses. On humid walls of grottoes and caves can be found multiple signs and symbols left here Cimmerian brands. They have much to tell you: the death of the great Atlantis and the bravery of its soldiers have descended to the bottom of the ocean and seas. They also reflect the tradition of the origin of the local grapevine, blessed by Bacchus, and the glorious life of the last emperor. Sometimes there are runes. They are no less interesting. Especially — the legend of the gods who came to Earth from Sirius, their skilled students — priests and the hierophant. The mesmerizing tale of otherworldly realm of the great Baal and others. Generally on the New World has a great influence over the planetary triad of Mars-Venus-Moon. Apparently, the combination and generates energy space here.

Cape Aya — Lost Paradise

This cape — "ark" for lonely dreamers, the most distant headland. Perhaps it is the most fertile place in the Crimea. In the tract grow many rare plants that infuse the air exotic aroma. Earth emits streams of warm orange color that corresponds to the vibrations of the Mediterranean coast. Places of healing for people with lung and heart ailments. The energy of the tract — blessed balm for angry sample. Especially for "broken hearts." Unfortunately, gentle nature between Balaklava very vulnerable. And the future of this unique places of power — the Crimean Eden — now depends largely on the people present here.

Young and cheerful Ayudag

Ayu-Dag is still relatively young. Its volcanic body has not yet had time to get caves. And the depths of its extremely rich and attractive. To him willingly flock birds, UFOs, and the tourists. Day — usually enthusiastic and noisy. And at night …

Ayu-Dag is called the Halls of Neptune. Mermaid space. On summer nights hear their protracted songs, sometimes laughter. In May and June, you can watch as they play around them. In this act to be very careful, quiet, hidden-spot, patiently waiting for midnight. The little mermaid come out of the sea and quietly making their way to the forest barely perceptible paths. Their hair is long, fiery, face wax shade, clothing, weird, weaving, green. Fluids from them come astringent, "wine", attracting. But attracted not — you can break the idyll …

Gray-haired and wise Chater-Dag

Chater-Dag mountain — the mountain of volcanic origin rather respectable age. Perhaps it is the most ancient volcano in the Crimea, and from the time of its formation was almost twice as low. Water and wind erosion, earthquakes took their toll. His body is literally permeated through and through cave labyrinths. Therefore, the UFO here are rare. That they can still take on the "old man"? A lot of people there. Extraordinary beauty. Caves attract cavers. Yes spirits of caves is very whimsical and capricious, require a different approach, do not tolerate frivolous behavior. The thicker and more yews, the more gracious place. In a grove of yew good to be with bronchial-pulmonary diseases, and healthy person to breathe healthy air always useful. Thicker than water in the springs is also healing and medicinal herbs special — give silushku the body and the mind make it clear. Here are just a fuss Chater-Dag dislikes. Are in a hurry — tire of quickly, and then the road will seem infinitely long ago. If they went up to the top, then feel the power of the local winds. They flushed through — body trembles … At night in the forest begin another life. Strange sounds are heard everywhere. And if you understand the language of the forest, you will learn about many things happening here tonight. Good afternoon nap on the slopes of the sea — are quickly restored power and sunbathing are particularly good. Visit the Sugar Bits, say, where you can help the visually impaired. Amazing places.


Ai-Petri — safeguarding the mountain. It protects the southern coast of Crimea from the cold north and west winds, and more. For many geological and energy featured here goes tectonic fault. Ai-Petri divides the energy bands of the Southern coast and Bakhchisarai area, so anomalies are found all over — from the valleys to the top, especially from the sea.

On the way from Yalta to the weather station there is a small lake Karagol. It is known for its dark water. This thicker than water helps in the treatment of skin diseases: herpes, warts, calluses and others. However, the wound can be sprinkled it only after boiling. Water saturated with iodine, phosphorous, hydrogen sulfide and other active elements. Not far from the lake — Wuchang-Su waterfall, an eagle shelter. In the gorge felt strong anomaly. You have to be very careful to maintain stability during walking.

Still above you will find "drunken grove." Tree trunks are strongly curved and pressed to the ground. To be here for a long time is not desirable — it's geopathic zone. At the very top — the wind rose. Hold on there, do not rush to leave. His face turned to the sea, you can make a wish. On the way down the side of Bakhchisarai go slowly, overnight is best suited here on the open glades. And early in the morning, walk around in a fog over the dewy grass barefoot. Breathe the air too slowly and carefully wash with dew. Your face will not only fresh, but also younger. Chamomile is particularly large, you can make a good collection. Taste the sweet infusion of the local birch bark and buds. Very useful.

The west side of Ai-Petri is very favorable for walking: trails are smooth, the air is always fresh, the sun caressing without scorching. The energy of the ground soft — soothes, calms …

Swann Radom, hereditary Sage, Simferopol

Secret Doctrine, 24 (118) December 2003

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