Plans General Shamanov positioned near the Georgian border Helicopter Regiment scared Georgia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georgia accused the Russian Federation in danger of Georgian sovereignty. Russian plans to deploy a helicopter regiment in Novorossiysk, from which to Georgia 380 km, while the "occupied territories" of Abkhazia still closer to Tbilisi were regarded as threatening.

A prerequisite for the excitement of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian commander were expressions of the Airborne Forces V. Shamanova. In the "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" on February 29, was placed interviews where the last Commander of the 58th Army shared his plans for the development of the first helicopter airborne regiment.

B. Shaman said that "tangible practical application" may be planned on the basis of the Seventh SOUTH Airborne Division, as in Novorossiysk are all conditions for this.

Georgian Foreign Ministry reports that the shamans, explaining why he chose this place of deployment, said that it is necessary to take into account the frequent complication of the situation in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and the growth of the filament relations with Georgia. The private plans take into account the Shamans and prepyadstviya in the North Caucasus. Specifically, there Shamans and involves using helicopters during training.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georgia It was recalled that in 2011 Russian Federation has placed on the so-called "occupied territories Georgia"RK" Tochka-U ", also artillery battalion, armed with rocket system" Smerch ". Need to see that the designated armament was located on the Russian military base located in South Ossetia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georgia believes that the step of Moscow, in question, is not it more like an open threat "against a sovereign state", a step that does not leave "no doubt" as to who directed against "aggressive action." The Foreign Ministry stressed that "Russia continues its brutal policies against Georgia. "

With all this the Foreign Ministry called on all world community to take some measures in force in order to compel the Russian Federation to end the brutal act and fulfill its international obligations, including the cease-fire, and make a commitment not to use military force against the Georgian side. Another Foreign Ministry is talking about a full and immediate implementation of the "de-occupation" of Georgian countryside.

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