Poland wants to build its missile defense system TOGETHER with France and Germany

Poland wants to build its missile defense system TOGETHER with France and Germany
Eugene Bezeq. Poland, in developing its missile defense system forward to working with France, Germany and other allies, said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Semonyak.

According to him, the management of their own intentions is based on the main directions of development of the armed forces, President Bronislaw Komorowski approved in November 2011. Among the core values ​​listed there antiaircraft, including missile defense.

«Under this program there, the quality should exist at all a brand new level. We really want this to happen to work together with France, Germany and our other allies. NATO supports initiatives aimed at the fact that individual countries have reached a certain level of defense together. This so-called «smart defense». With such expensive plans that cooperation imposes itself, «- he said.

The Minister added that the cost of the planned Polish missile defense system valued at the required amount of 10 to 20 billion zloty (3.6 billion dollars).

In August, President Komorowski announced in an interview with the magazine Wprost about the necessity of creation of the country’s own missile defense system, which, together with elements of the U.S. European missile defense would become part of a unified system of NATO.

The need to implement such programs from the Polish authorities associated with the configuration of character of warfare and the obsolescence of the existing system, manufactured with the technical assistance of the USSR.

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