Poltergeist occupied the Sicilian town of Canneto di Caronia




. Over the last couple of weeks there have been several dozen cases of arbitrary ignition of furniture and household appliances — from TVs to toasters.

Among the locals are rumors of an invasion of demonic forces, the place of the battle which was a small town on the rocky shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

"I saw myself as not stuck in the net electrical cables caught fire, with his own eyes. And I can not explain it, never seen anything like this," — told Reuters one of the local police.

In some cases, the fire spread to surrounding objects, and the police had to evacuate about 40 residents whose homes were burned.

"There is panic, and people have to be evacuated from their homes — says fellow Hall Salvatore Metstsopane. — We are trying to determine the cause of fires, but do not find the answer."

The energy company Enel tried to shut off all power from the city, but fire appliances have not stopped. The experts are not yet able to explain what is happening, and hypotheses range from intentional arson to an incredible jump in energy.

Confident than others spoke about this phenomenon Catholic priest Gabriel Amor. Exorcist told the Italian newspaper Il Messagero, that he had seen this before. "The demons burst into the house and find themselves in electrical appliances … We must not forget that the power of Satan and his followers are huge."


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