Posters of white plainclothes times of war

Creating an enemy types — one of the main tasks of at least some of the advocate. So, in the midst of ordinary fighter armies of white reddish distributed posters and leaflets with a reminder that behind and come with crisp white landowners, who will select the land again. But other than that reddish promised a new world — a world of freedom and labor, which they opposed the old one the world who are going to return the white on their own bayonets.

But the snow-white propaganda in the main focused on the development of species enemy, not paying enough attention to what specifically the men of their armies shed blood. Lenin and Trotsky on the White Guard posters have acquired a truly infernal traits. Struggle of the Bolsheviks with the Church gave another white-ace in the ideological struggle, as well as the presence of the Red Army units, consisting of the Chinese. And some posters reminiscent of the White Guard illustration of sad known Nazi newspaper "Stunner" — because a Jew was not only Trotsky, and many other favorites Bolsheviks. The phrase "Foreigners will help us," appeared in the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov, but a positive image "abroad" could not appear on the White Guard and posters — Allies for us! But if the Allies need a united and indivisible Our homeland? Such a logical question remained "behind the scenes".

The verse on this poster says:

Through the blood and through the piles of corpses,
Lobyzaya palely in the mouth
Sends back the grandson of Judah
Christ crucified on Calvary

I believe that the light of the morning star close
Heart, expect! I believe and pray!
After a violent days of the Holy Week
God will rise and rise again Russ!

This poster states that the Bolsheviks to the place in hell.

Lenin and Trotsky — doctors junk of, that cure it with the help of blood-letting.

Kolchak poster

The expulsion of Trotsky from the Kuban

Two worlds, two systems

Poster Campaign is dedicated to Moscow that he had initiated the Volunteer Army in 1919. As you know, for this snowy trek ended a crushing defeat.

Kolchak next poster

and this poster come either from the Kuban from the Don

Japan on this poster is called a friendly, but these, I may say, the friends left about yourself on our Far East long memory.

in our days of this poster would get under the well-known article 282 of the Criminal Code of inciting ethnic hatred. But in the years plainclothes criminal codes did not exist — not in a snow-white, not the Reds, not much more so, greenish.

Reds hand reaching for the Siberian bread

If you change the national costumes hapless victims, then this cartoon would look entirely appropriate on the pages sadly notorious Nazi magazine "Stunner".

That's it! The perpetrator of torture and death! Killer kids and ladies! The eye-catching image of Trotsky

with the motto of the poster and took the Nazi propagandists. But the Nazi version of the motto during the Russian majestically sounded a little differently — "Take a twig, whip up a Jew in Palestine!".

Reddish army ring opponents

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