PR as an end in itself

PR as an end in itself

Celebrating hundred years
Russian aviation
Occasion for feasting — No:
Air Force — in prostration.

5 — I mrad, which I often mention "during the heyday of stagnation" in the Dow held, usually, first of April each year, immediately lifted into the air 100 aircraft, carrying 300 aircraft — flown by the radius of the acts of aircraft for 36 hours ( once, as an experiment, we carried out four sorties in 48 hours, which is 400 / in.).
On the teachings of the Air Force SF, in which there were more than 500 crew, was rising into the air more than 400 aircraft.

In times of old "Russian people" peacefully asleep, not even knowing that the landing on the exercise regiments VVS SF, we even expanse of our country were "too small" — not enough air space of the Kola Peninsula, that is not dangerous to breed and drop all of which are in the air!

Mezhflotskie maneuvers of the regiment, day and NIGHT MODE, including a mid-air refueling — were mundane, routine, occurrence. Northerners to the Pacific Fleet, through Tiksi (northern route) or through the south of Siberia flew there, as with the Far East on the Kola Peninsula came shelves Pacific Fleet naval aviation.
Similarly, do mezhflotskie maneuvers and shelves MA BF and BSF.

Week tryndyat all media that already 2 Su — 24 and two Su — 34 for the first time flew to the Far East, and even calling them "fighters", kind of like the words of the chief Gen. Staff (maybe he does not think that the "latest" Su — 24 is almost 40 years old are the bombers?), Although today's "strategic" doctrine, by the number of participating in their crew, except where — is midway between LTU 1st Regiment or DAM (divisional aviation. exercises), and to the "strategic" Scientists have lured thousands of planes and helicopters.
A longer lured to the role in military exercises like these ("about seventy" aircraft) out to the scene "from all over the world" …..

Composition of 100 aircraft division we "were talking" ONLY! ! ! the withdrawal of an aircraft carrier out of action, but not sinking it, and even then, are "very reasonable" probability, for without being hit by the least 9 — 11 supersonic missile with a warhead under ton of explosives in each (!) it — the impossible dream …
Less than a division (3 shelves), the impact on aircraft carrier and take off point was, well, those three regiments (estimated) is almost nothing left in the end …

Previously, only watched announcements, and now they do not want to … ..

Already "podtashnivaet" by that:
"Right now, Tu — 95 proparhal" in a particular closeness "of the U.S. aircraft carrier, and a pair of Tu — 160 already wrapped" around the corner "!.

Radius acts Su — 24 such that it and the aircraft carrier to one side (only — to) not reach, but when he aircraft carrier "Wandered" to our shores and nobly allowed to fly around themselves a couple of Su — 24, the screeching in the media was not the limit, type — "How do we — it …..", not so long ago read, as the commander of anti — aircraft missile regiment, "a new image "attributed to himself in an interview with awards in covering a pair of departure Su — 24, which flew over the aircraft carrier.

Gromozvuchnye statement that for the first time Tipo flew to America probably is, to put it mildly, a certain irritation veterans ODRAP VVS SF 392, and of 35 — th Plada that Cuba and Angola ROAD trodden, and of a meter ruts in it, even in the 70 — years of the last century on the Tu — 95RTs and TU — 142, performing hundreds of sorties there without any fanfare, without bands and pioneers of flowers, no kissing with the leaders, with no orders for it etc ….

Only the "Granny Dunya and Uncle John" Uryupinsk sincerely believe that with the approach to the aircraft carrier "severe" Tu — 95, (which himself, by age, older than everyone else sitting in it), the aircraft carrier completes water, as its entire crew (5 — 6 thousand people!), "putting into his pants," Fast begins to wear off, and a pair of Tu -160, "nagryanuvshaya" out "of — around the corner," so right all of America rushes headlong into bomb shelters, where he sits, praying:
"Lord, take away".

Durakovatye epithets, left and right hangs out our zhurnalazhey Tipo — P. stately cruiser — "aircraft carrier killer" in relation to, a ship whose main firing range missile system in hundreds of kilometers, while the aircraft carrier and its escort ships of opportunity to "work" on it — in Thousands, then as in the joke:
"Maybe he moget, but who does it allow to approach …. "So as to speak, though what our boat likened fighter crawling on a completely smooth surface (what the sea is) to the tank with a bunch of grenades.

Our TV was "confident" people that military service (he almost burned there) TAVKR "Kuznetsov" spilled the entire Mediterranean, resulting in the store, together with the fish were thrown all subs "adversary", and surface ships themselves, even earlier "run aground", just learning about the passage, "Kuznetsov" Gibraltar.
Well, I do, and the "confession Mediterranean natives" because they, in general, to paint their bodies with our "tricolor", whole towns were standing on the shore, encountering ships "of the Russian squadron" singing "Moscow Nights" and all strove to "ferret out": Do not come out Ksenia Sobchak married, and like to find out her phone number to enroll in her brothel on display …

If the sailors from the aircraft carrier hear that our troughs are called
their "killer", it just will wash pants, so as to describe necessarily laughing ….

Thousands of people every South American aircraft carrier crew on it, "Do not pick your nose", with up to 90 aircraft aviakryle on it, even without the help of "AWACS" s only using to detect the security of the E — 2C «Hokkai" to discover and close one would not let without knocking at least some options, trying to get close to him already at a distance of about 2,000 km away from him …

Our Tu-95 again, "drowned" aircraft carrier USA

"Our plane came to the ships of 3 nautical miles and flew at an altitude of a little more than 600 meters. What can be regarded as a training "liquidation" aircraft carrier. "

"In military language it means" conditional settlement of an aircraft carrier. "

Yes, we have these aircraft carriers, as nasty flies like soap bubbles,
a single shot from Makarov Pistol … in the dust … in spray …

When is the last plane,
Sign of the cross, surreptitiously wiping away a tear,
And this he we have "Ricordi" pobet —
Let them fly … exactly … without landing …

It's a shame on the &
Shameful for the "record"
And has long been a need
Peel for it faces …

Written in August 2010

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