Promising project Spanish frigate F-110

Naval Office of Spain and the main shipbuilding contractor Spaincompany «Navantia» develop the concept of a promising type frigate F-110. In theory, specifically the ships of this class will be replaced in the sea first 2020 six ships of «Santa Maria».

Promising Project Spanish frigate F-110

Naval Office of Spain has already expressed a desire to begin work on the design of a new frigate, but everything will depend on the funding and implementation of programs from weapons. The project carries the title of «Futura Fragata Multimision» or «F2M2». It is the latest concept of the Spanish multi-purpose ship and will hold wide powers. It is planned that the ship will address a very wide range of tasks. The ship will receive the highest potential of modernization.

As planned in the company «Navantia», ship may be the most mechanized vehicle in Europe. In order to give the ship flexibility in solving problems and his versatility will provide mechanized systems and unmanned vehicles. According to his own liking, a promising new ship takes place between the frigates «F-100" and surface ships «Buques de Accion Maritima». Main purpose — performance combat missions in high-intensity conflicts. The head of the Navy Spain G.Sans at the conference «Surface Warships 2012" in late January of this year in Paris, said: "We already have a major production on the size of a promising frigate, its control and the basic configuration." G.Sans also noted that preliminary searches on the project conducted by the company «Navantia», showed that the best option for a new project — single-hull surface ship with a combined control «CODELAG» — diesel and elektrogazoturbinnogo type. Such an option built frigates will give him 400 tons of unnecessary overhead. In addition, the ship will be multi-platform type and position will allow the two helicopters on board, except for unmanned vehicles. Spoke at the conference and the technical director of the company «Navantia» S.Abril. He said the company in 2011, conducted a series of research papers of commercial disposition to comply with certain requirements of the Navy Office of Spain to create a surface ship. With all of this considered trade-offs of the spectrum of an independent course, the number of crew, payload ASW and air defense, ground speed, the number of helicopters, the size of the interior of unmanned vehicles. After research in the Spanish Navy the company introduced its new generation spacecraft, in what offered their versions of the creation of the body, some embodiments of the propulsion and power systems, modular solutions and design drawings and location of superstructures.

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