Prospects for the division of Ukraine

Prospects for the division of Ukraine

At times I hear, especially from those who claim the title of Ukrainian intellectuals that "East is hopelessly stuck in the scoop," and because Western Ukraine needs to "civilized divorce" with him.

Personally, I have always, on the contrary, I try to bring people to the largest, as it brings the advent of the Planetary Population land without borders and wars. But let us leave aside these principles and my personal troubles, but will turn to an obvious logic (which is so good that its hard to dispute.)
At first, make out the formal prerequisites that are at the basis of similar allegations intelligentstvuyuschih. Three of them: the East and South (yes there to hide, and the Center also) mass and stubbornly unwilling to read in the Ukrainian language, and they do not take the "European values", they vote for Yanukovych and the Party of Regions.

The first reason is not at all how or significant argument. In the world of the vast majority of multi-language — or several Municipal languages, as in Finland, Switzerland and Canada, or even if a formal council, the informal language of communication is somewhat se — such states generally the best part. And nowhere is this is not a significant discrepancy that prevents normal life of the country.

The second reason also does not hold water. Start with the fact that no one in fact does not know what it is all the same — "European values." In every country of Europe they own, as the EU does not but aims, and very heterogeneous in every sense — cultural, economic, geographic, linguistic, religious and other qualities. They are all different and great variety! And the "common standards" is only in the rhetoric of European bureaucrats, but not in everyday reality.

Moreover, specifically the U.S. and the EU, we have considered the "civilized and democratic", practically destroyed the existing system of international law, violating the charter of the United Nations regarding the inviolability of sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states. This has already led to several wars, the death of millions of people and the collapse of the "unbreakable" format of the postwar world.

The latter reason that the South and East of Ukraine support the Party of Regions, too far is not unique (in Transcarpathia the way, he scored quite a few votes). It is no exaggeration to say that the chaos regionals can not stand all country, and not just western Ukraine. Just a "united opposition" was not able to make productive and pretty candidacy power regionals.

After all, when you look at the pre-election advertising "opposition", the hunt to quickly change the channel, so as not to throw up. For example, the "Our Ukraine", quite ignoring the socio-economic situation in the country, says that "Khrushchev spent Russification." Citizens inadequate, during the Khrushchev at Dovzhenko Studios filmed "Lost Letter", "Wii", "Zahar Berkut" and "Shadows of forgotten ancestors." Published by Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, Panteleimon Kulish, Ostap Cherry, Gregory frying pan, Ivan Franko. And at the moment that is released and published? Yulyu with poppy seeds?

"United" is no better. "They must be stopped," says their ads in a few commercials, "we will stop them." Epic fail! Their have been 10's ability to suspend the regionals or, at least, to weaken, but they failed them all right. The usurpation of power by Yanukovych, the Constitutional Court, the adoption of the Tax Code, to increase the retirement age, "standing under the Ukrainian House", the privatization of Ukrtelecom and power companies, the purchase of overpriced trains and drilling rigs, landing Tymoshenko and Lutsenko, multibillion-dollar kickbacks to the preparation of the "Euro -2012 "and much more. And they have no-thing of it suspended. Since taking all the protests not as the ability to change something, as another reason for self-promotion. Why should anyone believe that anything will change now? United bunch of losers and mediocrities! Let undress naked, take the pipe and a few more times in the holo-blow. Or blown.

About all sorts of "Believe Natasha" I do not say anything. "Dynamic team" of a football player, actor and aferistki certainly helped out to Ukraine to perdition, but fortunately, no one will give her.

What am I doing? To that far not all country concerned with the construction of "Ukrainian Ukraine" with the dead Bandera headed (which never was a Democrat, as rightly saw a bald boy, speaking in front of his monument). For the vast majority of it is absolutely not a pretty image, almost all due to his own outrageous impractical and outdated.

But let us return to our sheep. In other words, the intelligentsia, the separatists. As we see, the motivational part of their reasoning has crumbled, but for the sake of completeness, we can try to simulate that after all it would be, if their infantile dreams, God forbid, come true.

Imagine several Western regions separated. On the maps that render these Internet schemers, they draw their own version of the division, but Kiev, Vinnitsa and Khmelnitsky in their orbits attraction is not exactly come as owned by other cultural traditions and mentality. If the western area of the liberal-individualist, the rest of Ukraine communal and socialist. No wonder the ideology of the UPA as it moves eastward, more "leveled".

Well, separated some of the most "small and proud" (c). But here, for a start, it turns out that the language solidity still not respected. Transcarpathia has long reads on feral cross between the Hungarian, Romanian, Polish and Ukrainian, the Ukrainian word out there obviously do not dominate. Therefore an urgent need to separate the Carpathians, and in other areas to carry out ethnic language clean. And start with the taxi drivers, which are all bastards, they say to "Move OCCUPIERS."

After that inevitably begin disassembling between Ternopil, Lviv and Volyn nationalists, whose nationalism is the most untainted and true. In these showdowns will be destroyed indescribable amount of keyboards, and may even be a couple of cases of massacre.

Now more seriously. I will not even read about the sad state of the Ukrainian economy — the industrial East and South tenderloin and it was in a sorry state, let alone read about the mountainous Carpathian region. I wish to draw attention to other moment.

In some regions of Ukraine has long been extensively dealt Polish, Romanian and Hungarian passport. Why this is done in the modern world, do not explain to anyone. Because in the case of the separation of Ukraine, its army, and so is quite insignificant in its present state, no one is able to stop.

In the case of, for example, the possible invasion of the Romanian fleet "of Eastern Ukraine", located in the Crimea, will not oppose the Romanian Navy. "Western Ukraine" remains ships, tank factories, with a very weak and obsolete air defense almost complete lack of fighters and in complete isolation. And it will inevitably overwhelmed and conquered as soon as possible (we all remember that the principle of immutability of borders have torn down the "civilized Europeans" not once.)

Then it will not be any "Ukrainian Ukraine&
quot;, and Romania is Romanian, Hungarian, Hungary, and of Poles try to bolster their national "pihu", taking a piece of terrain (not without reason in Lviv, some street names are written in Polish).

Because separatism in Ukraine for at least some form — it is destruction of that "Ukrainians", which so spectacularly baked some intellectuals. It remains his last stronghold in Canada, where the municipal language for some reason not Canadian (and in fact, according to the logic of "Ukraine must read in Ukrainian," must be a Canadian!).

In the psychology of neurotics always act in the same way: trying to lead a "favorite" subject to some imaginary standard, they either destroy it or lose. Because love is not a real person, and his idealized image, so that the real person is intolerable for the start of his inconsistency expectations.

And hard to imagine being a man-hating Ukraine than some liberal Democrats who see her wild and barbarous state in need in bringing civilization (for them is acceptable, that it was made by force gun "civilized nations").

Healthy and wise man perceives his own love object "as is", without fail. Neurotic fool the requirements of the claims and demands. Also with Ukraine — Train or adore her imperfect, or "suitcase-station Europa."
And do not try to divide, and on the other you can share …

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