Protection of the environment — a dangerous occupation?

Protection of the environment — a dangerous occupation? It is interesting

Global Witness has released shocking statistics about the number of deaths of people involved in the protection of the environment. It is reported that the world has witnessed the growth of the killings of journalists, members of environmental associations and other individuals associated with the protection of lands, forests and other natural objects. Over the past 10 years the number of such unfortunate episodes exceeded seven hundred.

In 2011, 106 murders occurred environmentalists, which is twice more than three years ago. Global Witness has many examples of illegal acts committed in the form of a murder, and in the form of naked aggression. And often sponsored assassination became authorized by law enforcement officials.
Typically, hot topics, because of which conservationists can lose your life, it's unoccupied buildings or fields of land and forest. More than one person a week is killed for these reasons. On average in the world every week forcibly deprived of life, one strong defender of our planet and the environment.

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