Psychics, healers and diviners: made in USSR




Anatoly Kashpirovsky. Photos of the newspaper'''' Dankor

Virtually all known psychics, fortune tellers and healers in fact come from the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries. The latest phenomenon — the girl from Mordovia, which sees no worse than the X-ray machine. Before — Wang, a favorite of the queen, or Rasputin. Or maybe just, supernatural opportunities for all of us in the blood?

Girl X-Ray of Mordovia

About Natalia Demkina from Saransk, recently wrote the British newspaper The Sun. The British say that at first did not believe in the gift of the girls to look "inside" the person. So find a model patient — a reporter, who suffered multiple injuries in a car accident a few months ago. As the newspaper says, Natasha saw everything as good scanner.
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Of course, in their home country girl-X is known not less Kashpirovsky doctor. In the stairwell — Hundreds strazhduyuschih that Natasha "diagnoses." By the way, it is comparable to the traditional "x-ray" the price — 400 rubles. Only here the girl complains that he could not cure his patients, but only tells them about the disease. But Natasha is ready to fix in the future by becoming a medical doctor.

The main enemy of a miracle — lawmaker

But, nevertheless, by popularity Natasha Demkina not compare with Kashpirovsky and Chumakov June or spouses Globa. Too late, saw the light. Now the mass sessions are prohibited, and not wishing to as many as 15 years ago.

Of course, the post-perestroika psychics, healers and diviners were in the right place at the right time. On one side were the people who sought the miracle, and on the other — there were no laws that prohibit any way is a miracle, or at least controlled.

But the happiness did not last long. Already in 1993, the law "On the Principles of Legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of public health," the lawmakers decided to regulate the activities of all the healers. A year later there was a specialty: doctor of traditional medicine and healer benefit patients by suggestion and prayers. And in 1998, Mizdrav decided that healing must be the kind of medical activities subject to licensing. A license shall be issued only if there is an appropriate certificate.

So, without a diploma — no reception. And get this diploma is not so simple:
The diploma is issued by the healer or the Ministries of Health of the RF subjects
The award is issued only on condition that the future of the healer will present "a professional medical association" or institution "which has a license for a specific activity."

But, perhaps, licensing has affected both prominent healers. To the usual traditional healers and grandmothers continue to treat those who are hoping to get the necessary treatment in ordinary hospitals and clinics, or those who are too lazy to fulfill the orders of the doctor and wants to immediately recover from all diseases. For example, the "Kremlin pill."

Besides healers, astrologers use the wildly popular, and other predictors. Their legislators have not touched. Except that time Globa spouses have passed, and the case of the selected drawing up an astrological forecast degenerated into the usual craft available even computer programs.

Miracles of Socialism: Wang and Porfiry Ivanov

Every miracle has to be mysterious. When all is clear — why lightning is formed, why the wind blows — it's just a natural phenomenon. A cult, magic, predictions, poltergeist, psychic — it's a miracle.

Back in Soviet times, the personification of a miracle made one Porfiry Ivanov. Porphyry Korneevich was born in 1898, lived and taught his followers in a remote area Upper Kondryuchy (Luhansk region), where he died in 1983. He graduated from the four classes, and then worked as a loader and a miner.

Ivanov denied the immortality of the human soul and its commandments offered as much as possible to prolong his life. In many ways, this is the usual rules of hardening, combined with religious precepts. But most importantly — a mysterious background. Ivanov was the mystery of communion with nature.

Porfiry Ivanov doctrine called "Baby" and contains 12 Commandments followers of the teachings. Mentor recommend bathing in cold water, to starve, to give up alcohol and smoking while helping people and generally being a great person.

Currently Ivanivtsi hold conferences and exhibitions.

Another phenomenon of socialism was Wang. By the all-seeing oxbow come celebrities and ordinary tourists from all over the world. Her phenomenon have sought to unravel, and the Internet can find some interesting hypotheses on this.

For example, it is believed that such a miracle as Wang was beneficial for the whole of Bulgaria. Those who came to the country a few days would not let the witch. And when at last they sought an audience, Wang struck by their knowledge of their past.

So, if you told everyone who came to Bulgaria only invented facts, they then heard from the lips of all-seeing. Again, this is just a hypothesis, but the information about the client witch who could provide everything, down to the KGB.

The rationale

We intentionally did not touch the activities of traditional healers. That is, those who are engaged in traditional medicine — based on years of experience. Unlike psychics, this is not a phenomenon of Eastern Europe. On the "welcome" to such healers are many people in Africa, Asia or the Indian reservation, which is not available to visit a licensed physician.

Back in 2002, the WHO decided to support the shamans. According to the organization, many folk remedies really are very effective, but on the basis of medicinal herbs created at least 25 percent of modern pharmaceuticals.

Support lies in the fact that many folk methods organization is going to make the official. First clinical trials will be conducted to prove their efficacy and safety. And secondly, the mass production of potions and potions will make them even cheaper.

But, on the other hand, the WHO reveals the secrets of his actions. And, therefore, destroys a miracle.


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