Rearmament runs on schedule

Rearmament runs on scheduleDmitry Peskov, who is spokesman for the Russian president, has denied the information shown in the media, about the likely delay the implementation of programs from re-RA. Recall that in its implementation in municipal defense order has been allocated 20 trillion rubles.

According to Peskov, the funds for rearmament Russian army in the budget. A spokesman added that this week's planned meeting of the state defense order.

Sands, with all this, said that Putin was followed by a rather harsh reaction to the proposals of some officials to extend the deadline for the state defense order, and change the price characteristics, etc. Dmitry Peskov stressed that Putin — supporter of the plan of compliance programs from rearming.

The assurances of the Russian Economic Development Minister Andrei Belousov, the timing of the most ambitious programs from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, which consists in the rearmament of the army until 2020, can not be transferred. He said that meant stretching the terms and transfer certain costs, thus it is a common business issues. In this case, it is not going to postpone the implementation of programs from a three-year, as it is unrealistic.

Earlier it was reported that the implementation of programs from fully equip Russian Army's newest weapons by 2020 as part of defense contracts do not work. This is due not only to the financial crisis, and with trivial unavailability of the defense industry.

This message appears with reference to the 2-level federal officials, who reportedly planned to move the program from Tipo equipping Russian Army's newest weapons for 3 years and put it into the years 2016-2023. There was also information that the idea associated with the transfer of programs from upgrading Russian army, divides most of the ministers in the government, including Manturova Denis, Minister of Industry and Trade. MANTUROV himself until he gave no comment on the matter.

Do not comment on details of the planned transfer of the Tipo designated applets and the Ministry of Defense.
Recall that the statement of programs from the arms came out in December 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Experts, evaluating the budget deficit, proposed to reduce costs at the expense of the specific programs from weapons.

The most angry opponent of big defense spending was made by Alexei Kudrin, who at that time was deputy prime minister and minister of money. Kudrin not only warned of the impossibility of funding programs from external growth without debt or without significant tax increases, and predicted that the military industry fail to perform scheduled rearmament in 2020.

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