Restructuring in Chinese?

End of the XVIII Congress of the Communist Party of China marked the initial step of transmitting the highest state authority in this country. As you know, the new favorite of China, representing new generation of managers Celestial, was C Jinping. In March of the following year it was he replaced by the Chairman Hu Jintao in the post.

About the new biography written many Chinese favorite, and one of the main parts of it would be that Xi Jinping to his 59 years as an excellent time to go through the fall and stunning political success. If there are people in China, whose fate was so intense and controversial at once, then Xi is specific to their number. This is the most contradictory and gives food for thought in terms of what role the new Chinese minion can play in the destiny of their country. Not yet had time to taste all the fruits of the highest political authority Xi Jinping called some Chinese Misha Gorbachev, and others tend to create in him a very different person: no more, no less — Chinese Stalin, who would be willing to take any steps for the sake of strengthening the state.

Restructuring in Chinese?
Chinese Jianghu painter Luo (Luo Jianhui) draws the portrait of Xi Jinping after the announcement of the new President of China, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

These guesses are based specifically on the qualities of a biography of Xi Jinping, because there are often intertwined diametrically back to the first glance things. Judge for yourself: the daughter of Xi in 2010, became a student of Harvard University, why would she even had to change its name (in China this information carefully hushed up), close relatives of Xi Jinping (according to the agency Bloomberg) possess an impressive state totaling almost 0.4 billion dollars, China's new favorite sister lives in the countryside of Canada, for all that he is a descendant of Xi Jinping 1st major Chinese revolutionaries Chzhunsyunya C, which was listed as one of the main supporters of Mao Zedong. In his own speeches Xi repeats every time that will never retreat from the course that led to China when the stately helmsman. In addition, often the favorite of the new generation of Chinese top political forgets not to mention his own speeches deal of Marxism-Leninism, which now needs to be a typical vector of development of the country. These words somehow surprisingly joined with the desire to give her child a western education, well, they do not quite fit together with the fact that the family of Xi Jinping, tell them so, very positive about the excessive prosperity.

Such contradictions look pretty harsh, given that Xi is an insult to the government. The fact that it is the government at the time of his father's repressed, well, and himself was paid for mercilessly by sending a long-term link to the village of the 1st of China's poorest regions. One may argue that it was in the distant past, but psychology says that these scars for life does not heal. The man who has gone through such tests, at some point, try to do everything to find the opportunity to answer the offenders. Well, if the "offenders" Xi Jinping has long been no in this world … In this case, the person with bolshennymi ambitions, according to all the same laws of personal psychology, try to transfer the accumulated negative emotions in a different direction. And even in this case, it is unlikely you can envy the people who take in head to swim against the current, determined now to China's new manager.

Xi Jinping is the highest step of the podium in the hierarchical China. With all of this from the previous generation of control he gets tremendous economy in terms of volume and finer-scale social problems.

Over the past few years are all used to call China a powerful nation, but in fact the power of this power is based not far away on the welfare of the majority of Chinese people. So whether it is possible in this case, read about the personal well-being, when at a nominal level of GDP in 7,500,000,000,000. dollars, GDP per capita in China is a little over $ 4.2 million is a unique economy in the world. For all its external pomp and all statements about the upcoming release on the 1st place in the world (China is planning ahead of the U.S. on this indicator for the year 2018-2020), China remains a poor country. Of the 2,862 units of the district subordination to China at the beginning of this year, according to official data 592 poor counties recognized in other words more than 20%. Given the level of closeness of China to the world in terms of press coverage is so unpopular that it is possible to very skeptical of the official disk imaging. Perhaps the number of poor counties in China can be increased to a minimum of 1.5-2.

With all this the largest number of poor people live in rural areas. Stratification of society in economic terms in the PRC has become quite significant after China began its industrialization policy, abandoning land values. In the end, it turned out that the difference in the level of income of urban and rural population of China is one of the first places in the world. The highest GRP accounts for the regions in which industrial giants are located (eg, Shanghai), but the GRP in remote provinces of China are often much lower. In this China identical with the Russian …

But in comparison with Russia, China is still at least one defect. It consists in the fact that China is home to about 9% of the illiterate population, which is about 140 million people (a figure roughly equal to the population of Russian Federation). This number of illiterate people, of course, not just hits on the status of China, and raises the question as new power is going to solve the problem of so harsh. After all, at this level of the people who do not have a simple reading and writing, it is difficult to talk about the transition to a more impressive growth rates. At the level of engagement in the global economy that China has today, the level of education of civilization plays a very important role for the economic development of the country.

It's worth noting that the vast majority of illiterate people in China live in rural areas. Summarizing the above spoken, it appears that the rural environment in China today serves some ballast, which makes it difficult to move rapidly bolshennomu Chinese ship. If so, Xi Jinping, who is no stranger to neuvvyazkami Chinese village, will find solutions leverage this challenging puzzles.

In this regard, one can imagine that the Chinese favorite, there are two options to solve the specified prepyadstviya.

The first option is that Xi Jinping will be required, as it is read in such cases, to face the farmers by taking away a significant piece of the pie from industrialists. This will allow to raise level education in rural areas, trim the income levels of rural residents and urban residents, in the end, bring people back to the village. But in this case, the new favorite of the Middle Kingdom, of course, will be required to face the new economic realities: the growth of an industry that serves the real driving force of China will slow down, which will lead to a weakening of the economy. Number of China's total GDP growth rate will go down, but the income level of the average Chinese will become more significant, if now. In other words, China will face a choice: to catch up with and overtake the U.S. economy or the same focus first on the social government.
Taking into account China's ambitions, this choice can be very challenging. Xi Jinping may go the way: the one, and the second, and all at once. But in this case, China will remind the famous Buridan's ass, which was carrying and was able to take one of the 2-prototype of tempting treats. Will there be enough manpower and resources in Xi solve both of these tasks — for the moment is very difficult to read, but the fact that he may try to do this — can be fully.

The second option is that China will absolutely position yourself as the government of technological progress, the dividing value between the educated and the uneducated segments of the population. Technical intellectuals, skilled workers (China-1) will continue to forge technological strength of the country, but the village still remains China-2, all of which will continue to come off first. If Xi Jinping will go along this path, the title of Misha Gorbachev, who once walked in the direction of granting broad autonomy to regions that are not particularly going into the features of their development, can fully foothold for China's new favorite.

In general, the task of coming to the highest point of state power in China in the first person is selected. In the choice of not 2-angry, as is often the case, and from the 2-goods. If Xi Jinping and the best people are not accustomed to flog a fever, the exact choice will help him solve the most fundamental tasks. If the two opposites of his fate will determine his next political in nature, it can with the new generation of Chinese authorities play a cruel joke.

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