Return of a typhoon in North Korea

Return to North Korea Typhoon Natural Disasters

North Koreans again suffering hardships from a typhoon that followed heavy rains and floods in the province of South Pengan. By 88 disaster victims and added another 31 dead, 16 others found missing. Thousands of people hoping to soon return home, remain in the status of refugees.

New invasion only exacerbate the deplorable economic situation in the country, located in a period of stagnation since the 1990s. Typhoon destroyed 46,000 hectares of crops, houses and destroyed the coastal areas on the eastern and western coast of Korea. In the most affected areas by helicopter sent food and other necessities from the UN. In total, according to the organization, two-thirds of the 24 million people of North Korea have long shortage of food. Country urgently needs financial assistance of $ 198 million

Torrential rains have been a disaster for the country and it is because the recent drought has completely changed the mechanisms of absorption of the soil, leading to flooding. Then the soldiers and the people specially hired hand were buckets of water to irrigate the fields drying. Now the floods brought a lot of trouble to those who live along the coast. Townspeople are rescued from the water coming on the roofs of their houses or in the boats, many are trying to save their pets. If the rains do not stop, in North Korea could happen irreparable tragedy.

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