Roskosmos intends to pass in February GLONASS military

Roskosmos intends to pass in February GLONASS military 

Ministry of Defence is in no hurry to take into operation a system that does not meet the customer’s requirements
With the passage of the second step of the rally-raid «Dakar-2013» in the desert region of Peru, virtually all participants appeared prepyadstviya with the definition of the control points of the route. The reason — the wrong signal to the navigation satellite system GPS. This is a nice answer to those who believe that the South American system is so good and global, that GLONASS is not needed. Another thing is that the Russian system is not yet perfected and experiencing severe difficulties. First — organizational.

Announcements bad and excellent

In December 2011, has been completely deployed GLONASS constellation. Total in its composition was 31 satellites, 24 of which have worked as intended, providing a stable navigation signal on the entire surface of the Earth. Another four of cosmic vehicle (SV) were in reserve, and three SC — derived from the system to study the cerebral designer. This success was marked by the English Institute of Navigation Tsar, awarded the creators of the GLONASS team headed by chief designer Yuri system Urlichich Baron Edinburgh Award. Her during the Farnborough Air Show was CEO of JSC «Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev» Nikolai Testoyedov as Urlichich appeared restricted to leave temporarily.

During the year, the GLONASS system held municipal tests, during which confirmed the statement tactical and technical characteristics. In September 2012, in a newspaper interview Deputy Governor of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Shilov said that Roscosmos GLONASS preparing to be commissioned before the end of the year. According to him, the system must take the Russian Defense Ministry in the form in which it was nearly a year. Besides the orbital group created quite the whole ground infrastructure GLONASS. It remains only to document the transfer system in operation the military. Then shall appear the regulatory document that provides budget allocation of funds for the operation of the system.

Until that time, the system is administered by the General Director and General Designer of «ISS Reshetnev» Testoedova Nicholas, who is principal designer of cosmic complex GLONASS. In other words, as a manufacturer of cosmic apparatus responsible for the condition of the orbital group and its management. The general management of development produced GLONASS GLONASS general designer Yuri Urlichich. He ran JSC «Russian of cosmic system» in which created most of the equipment navigation system as terrestrial systems adjustments, management and monitoring, and payload of cosmic vehicles. Payment of the entire system GLONASS operation was carried out at the expense of the federal motivated applets (FTP) «Development of GLONASS to 2012.»

Control and management of the GLONASS satellite constellation made from the control center troops Aerospace Defense (ASD) in Krasnoarmeysk (Capital Region). In other words, and so are in the hands of the military. But the official commissioning of a global navigation system — not the usual formality, but a very important act of entitlement.

The transition from the development stage to a working state pulls severe status of the GLONASS system configuration significantly increases its relevance and opens new capabilities for manufacturers and users. In 1-x, begins mass production of cosmic navigation aids and ground equipment. In-2, right behind the official recognition of domestic GLONASS as one hundred percent ready system adopted in the working operation, she admits such other states and international organizations. For example, ICAO — the International Association of civilian aircraft, which allows for the introduction of GLONASS advise on aircraft around the world. B-3, navigation systems receive data validity. They could be used in court and other instances as quite reliable. Because from January 1, 2013 carriers of passengers and cargo must unsafe transmit data about their own movements in special centers Rostransnadzora. In-4, GLONASS responsible for the content rests with the defense department budget. It will be able to ask the Ministry of Finance to allocate economical line for this purpose.

Until then have to spend money to Roscosmos Federal Program «Development of GLONASS for the period up to 2020.» All would be well, but in November 2012 failed satellite «Glonass-M» № 712, who served a record 96 months and completely worn-out. In the same 8-th point of the 1st orbital plane was shrewdly placed emergency number 729 satellite, launched in late December 2008. It was intended to spoof «veteran», but could not survive it. September 10, 2012 SC 712 number «died», he lived for four years allotted. Regardless of cosmic machine works or not, hard of cosmic radiation during this time «eats» ordinary Taiwanese chip.

But in this case there is no evidence of corruption. Application Asian devices was sanctioned at the highest level. During the war in South Ossetia revealed that poor orbital grouping does not provide clear navigation signal. Worse, the signal periodically disappear completely for several hours. And the President has ordered the deployment of extra boost GLONASS.

But the U.S. government forbade selling RF radiation hardened chip class space. Accordingly, all America’s NATO allies and Japan did the same. That had to take critical measures that at least something to plug the «hole». After its microelectronics industry virtually destroyed. At the moment it all backfired.

The Ministry of Defence did not wish to take the defective system in operation, in other words the content. Indeed, in this case, already means the military department would remove a half billion to launch a suitable point in the missing spacecraft. And bear all responsibility for inaccurate signal until the system is restored in full.

Official comments on the matter were not, but the person of the second row stated that the problem occurred because of the unwillingness of certain documents. The system is working properly. To substantiate this, including the spare satellite in the 2nd point 1st orbital plane and assigned it number 8. In addition two dead satellite moved into the category of replacement. After 10 days of data interchanged, but the credibility of the official to the information-analytical center TsNIIMash seriously undermined. And not only in Russia.

At the moment of an emergency SC 2nd point is distilled in the 8th. If all goes well, he will be there in the midst of February. By the time the promise to make the missing documents to receive GLONASS operation. According to deputy director Sergei TsNIIMASH Revnivykh resolved all technical issues except 1st — compliance with these requirements of the system and inter-satellite measurement transmission of information. In February meeting will take place, where they should put an end to the issue of receiving GLONASS operation. Wait and see.

Around funds GLONASS

If we talk about GLONASS, it is unrealistic to evade extensively discussed topics in the theft of «Russian system of cosmic.» According to the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, in the period from 2006 to 2010 of «sex workers» received 2 billion. rub. But last Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said that stolen 6.5 billion. rub. Evil tongues slander, as if offended bureaucrat that the title «father of the GLONASS» he took away and gave Yuri Urlichich. Or, conversely, something Urlichich nedodal Ivanov. Either not cleared. Leave yellowish press rumors and future historians corruption period of Russian history.

Vladimir Popovkin several moderate to charges. According to the audit committee of its 2-retirees in PKC stole 546 million rubles. — A quarter of the budget. As in this case it was possible to deploy a hundred percent satellite constellation, set three correctional differentsionnye station in Antarctica and 19 of the same in Russia, but still spend a lot of research — a mystery?

Well, the criminal case opened against unknown persons under Art. 201 «Abuse of opportunities in a commercial organization.» Nothing consequence can not boast, although three years is already trying. But it turned out that the daughter of the head of Roscosmos Natalia Popovkin often received wages as much in 3 firms established Yuri Urlichich. How laughingly told reporters her father, found a familiar young student part time to time akademotpuska. Vladimir Popovkin himself while in command of cosmic forces. And later he became deputy Serdyukov armament. No treaty without him was not signed. In general, it is good to take away from the amount of «theft» daughter’s earnings. Look, and the total amount will not be such a terrible.

In 2012, the Federal Space Agency has not concluded any 1st contract with JSC «RCC», virtually stopping future development of GLONASS. Yuri Urlichich removed from office principal designer of the entire system GLONASS and as general director of «CSW» mucky trashed in the media. Unable to withstand the hard pressure, he resigned from the post of general director of «CSW». Instead of acting as a General Director and Acting appointed principal designer Andrew Chimiris — last Urlichich Deputy Finance. He, of course, not an engineer, but doctors of science available to the RCC, apparently not satisfied with Roskosmos some personal qualities.

2013 is also not yet concluded any 1st contract for GLONASS. Since the RCC remained another harmful element — the first deputy general director Ivan Golub, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. That he almost rescued in 2001 from bankruptcy RNII of cosmic instrumentation, today of «sex workers» is not allowed to destroy, and to implement. And then, along with Yuri Urlichich made the most successful company in the industry. But last summer he wrote an open letter to Vladimir Popovkin, in which he accused of illegal activities and the destruction of the industry. Recommended to leave, remembering scandal hassle on March 8, as shameful for him.

Week reversed Ivan Golub wrote a letter of resignation. He not only wrote one. No contracts — no wages. Another year earlier of «CSW» were the highest wages in the industry. Currently designers get pennies and behold the future. GLONASS system is virtually thrown chief designer of GLONASS and not appointed. Start of the second spacecraft last generation «Glonass-K» postponed indefinitely. Terminated negotiations on setting adjustments stations abroad. But there is and excellent news — GLONASS development funding will not be reduced. More than $ 300 billion. rub. go into business.

Inappropriately recalled the words of Yuri Urlichich «GLONASS became the pivotal element in ensuring national security and rapid socio-economic development.»

Implementation and sabotage

But all GLONASS vaster comes into the country. Much less that the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave the command to implement all navigation equipment at the municipal and urban transport. In almost all regions enthusiastically began to explore millions of rubles. But there are resisting.

In Nalchik, the New Year about 120 taxi drivers personal staged an unauthorized protest. And so they suffer from numerous exactions, and they are also obliged at their own expense to put on the machine GLONASS system for 30 thousand rubles. And pay extra for service 600-700 rubles. Police arrested 15 people.

Great response received publication of the report chapters Rosaviation Sergei Neradko, where he said that the equipment does not lead GLONASS interaction with onboard navigation system of aircraft. With all the price of satellite instruments for aircraft — 1 mln. Cost established in 2008. Since that time navigators fell at times, but not in this case. Small block and wiring connecting with different on-board sensors, plus installation is not worth much. But the developer of the wiring diagram for each type of aircraft — SRI civilian aviation and plant monopoly, for a day or three sets device — willing to earn.

But especially viciously compromised GLONASS Duma deputies uniform staging a tantrum when their official cars equipped with a tracking system, as any waste. Made it was quite legitimate, but deputies outraged that FSO can track where they go for personal affairs deputy.

Housing leaders in a number of regions, which is implemented at municipal transport company through friendly GLONASS price of hundreds of millions of rubles, suddenly found themselves victims of its accuracy. For example, only in the north-west of Moscow during a raid November 19, 2012 due to GLONASS facts were revealed finding snowplows outside the workplace and fined. And in Ryazan discovered millions of Registry when exporting snow. Usually it’s hard provable, but the bureaucrats Housing not realize that all movement of vehicles stored as tracks in the navigation system, vehicle monitoring. Inconsistency with the contents of these data sheets Putnam was just found.

In general, the GLONASS system was, on the one hand, useful, on the other — harmful. Useful in terms of development and support of local budget suddenly seemed innovative companies. On the other — accuses Registry, left flights, overrun fuel and introduction of parliamentary «Mercedes» not for trips to orphanages, on the contrary, in clubs and other points useful leisure. Because it is already struggling — cut off and spoil. But this is no fault of scientists and engineers.

Viktor Myasnikov

independent source of Military Review.

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