Russia and Belarus hold joint exercises

At the landfill, "Brest" started joint Belarusian-Russian tactical exercises. By Belarus special forces take part of the armed forces of the Republic, and by the Russian — airborne troops. 

More than 800 soldiers of Russia and Belarus take part in joint exercises at the landfill site "Brest". Airborne platoon Pskov Airborne Airborne Division arrived in Belarus on the eve. On maneuvers involved 35 units of armored and about 100 units of special vehicles, and Russian paratroopers provides all the necessary Belarusian side.

Head of the press service of the Belarusian Defense Ministry Colonel Sergei Kuzmenkov said: "Participating one of the units of the 38th Guards separate mobile brigade and division 234th Guards Airborne Regiment of the 76th Guards Airborne Airborne Division of the Russian Federation. It is with Pskov paratroopers have to work closely together. By the nature of the tasks and our representatives of the 38-th separate mobile brigade, and the 76th Airborne Division Russia — are similar. "

During exercises will be practiced landing skills of the personnel of the Mi-8 helicopters, search, seizure, freezing and destruction of conventional enemy. Besides using unmanned aircraft systems, helicopters and military aircraft will conduct training for the kontrdiversionnyh actions.

Military expert Alexander Alesin told that this is the current doctrine is remarkable for maneuver:
"It is assumed that their specialization may be wider than the airborne troops: landing with the AN-2, IL-76 and Mi-8 helicopters. And it is assumed that two brigades of special forces will be allocated to the operational deployment of the forces of CSTO RRF together with Pskov paratroopers . So they will cooperate if the CSTO will take the decision to use military force anywhere in the area of responsibility DBKB, or on the basis of these units will be carried out peacekeeping operations. "

The interaction between the Belarusian and Russian special forces commandos mined continuously. Since last year, the joint exercises were conducted twice on the territory of Belarus and the Pskov region. And in September of this year, the two countries will hold joint military exercises strategic level "West 2013".

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